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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Nathan Get Hitched on General Hospital

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Blake Berris, Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey

Blake Berris, Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey

At the wedding, Spinelli refuses to let the women off the elevator. He forces Nathan to cover his eyes so he doesn't see the bride before her walk down the aisle. Mac shows up with Georgie, who has a reunion with Maxie.  

Felicia gets a call from Lucy that her flight's been rerouted. This causes serious handwringing because there is no officiant, even though Griffin is standing right there. Mac was ordained last year in order to remarry Robin and Patrick, but I guess it's too hard to remember that. Robin remembers that Spinelli is an Internet-approved officiant, so he agrees to do the ceremony.  

Lulu is not happy to see Valentin at the wedding. She wastes no time in reminding him that she's Charlotte's mother and that he's not welcome. Nina breaks up their argument.  

Andre's not happy when Curtis shows up. He tells Jordan that they need to move when he tells her to so they can up meet with Buzz. Andre accuses Jordan of compromising her ethics and safety. He asks her not to go with Curits. Jordan says she has to follow every lead.  

At the hospital, Julian's about to tell JaSam the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Olivia rushes in looking for Leo, who was just brought in by Ned. 

Ned explains that when he got to the house, Leo was on the floor beside an open bottle of aspirin. Fearing that he swallowed some, he brought Leo to the hospital to get his stomach pumped.  

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Olivia doesn't understand why the new babysitter would have been so careless, Julian puts the pieces together and tells her that it's not her fault. The doctor informs them that Leo didn't swallow anything, but she's keeping him in the hospital overnight.  

Julian thanks Ned for saving Leo's life. Olivia is grateful that Ned is a father figure to Leo. JaSam want the answers from Julian that he promised to give them, but he backtracks. He simply says whoever was responsible for the bombing may retaliate and come after Sam and Danny.

Back at the wedding, the ceremony begins only to be interrupted by Liesl. She's upset at the late notice, thinking that no one cared to invite her to her son's wedding. Nathan apologizes and says he's glad she's there.  

Nathan and Maxie say their vows as we see flashbacks of their relationship. Anna has a strange memory of Valentin. Nathan and Maxie are declared husband and wife.

Julian heads to the boss's office to complain. The boss lady turns out to be dear old, previously thought dead, sister Olivia Jerome.  

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