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Perkie's Observations: Liz Asks For Sam's Help on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Naxie's wedding continues with the bride and groom's first dance. Maxie thanks Mac for being her father and the two share a dance. Liesl thanks Nathan for letting her share this day. The two enjoy a piece of cake before heading off.  

Nina and Griffin make small talk about Charlotte. Griffin is shocked when Nina mentions Claudette's death and how it was a suicide. Griffin confronts Valentin and accuses him of killing Claudette, which Charlotte overhears. Charlotte runs off and Lulu sees her hide in a closet.  

Lulu checks on Charlotte, who says she's missing her mother. Lulu tells her that she's Charlotte's mother.  

Liz shows up at Sam's door. She tells her that Franco is in trouble and needs her help. Sam doesn't want to listen until Liz mentions that Tom is dead and Franco is protecting Alexis. Sam refuses to believe that Alexis would kill Tom, but Liz points out that Alexis hasn't been herself for awhile. 

Liz is certain that if Alexis did run into Tom that night and killed him, it was because she was defending herself. Sam wonders if that means her mother was raped. Liz says if anything happened it was because Alexis would have suffered at Tom's hands.  

Alexis contemplates a bottle of cooking sherry when Ava arrives. She's worried and looking for Julian. She spots the bottle. Alexis says she's no longer drinking, but Ava doesn't believe her. Ava thinks Alexis is letting Julian stay because he enables her and she's not ready for sobriety.  

Julian confronts Olivia (his sister, not his baby mama) about hurting Leo. She claims he was never in any real danger and that it was a warning to do as she asks. Julian says he won't kill Jason because he won't hurt Sam. He points out that Curtis is working with Jason, who is in tight with Jordan.

Julian warns that if Jason goes missing, someone will figure out that she's behind it. He adds that Sonny will come after her. He says they need to pin the car bomb on someone else. During the commercial break, he tells her who and Olivia agrees to the plan.  

Olivia decides that everyone will pay for what they've done to her because she's now the queen of the Jerome family.  

Valentin gets angry at Griffin's accusations and punches him repeatedly. Anna and Andre break it up. Anna calls Valentin vicious and says Griffin is a good man. An upset Valentin stutters that's what she always said about him.

Anna says he's twisted and a coward. Valentin says he's always been invisible to her. Anna has another memory. In this one, she's turning down an unkempt Valentin, who believes she can't bear to look at him. Anna says she remembers.

When Julian gets home, Ava tells him about Sam's visit. She asks who the new player is that's targeting both him and Sonny. Julian warns her to stay out of it for her own protection.  

Olivia looks at photos of herself and Duke together. She blames Anna for everything. She says they will all suffer for what happened. Seriously? This whole thing is about stupid Duke? Ugh!