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Perkie's Observations: Anna Remembers Valentin on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Matt Cohen, Anthony Montgomery 

Finola Hughes, Matt Cohen, Anthony Montgomery 

Andre drags Griffin away so Valentin and Anna can discuss their past. Turns out Valentin was an analyst while Anna was a trainee. He tried to kiss her on her birthday and she rejected him because he was Igor the Ugly. Valentin was so traumatized by her rejection that he dedicated his life to a complete makeover.  

Naxie consummate their marriage. They share a bunch of gifts, including a necklace from Nathan's great-grandmother for Maxie and a vintage Jeter baseball for Nathan.  

Lulu tells Charlotte she's her mother. She adds that anytime she's sad, she can come and be a part of her family with Dante and Rocco. Charlotte screams that Lulu isn't her mother and storms out of the closet. She slams the door hard enough to jam it. Lulu can't get out, so she climbs into the ceiling vent.  

Dante tries to make nice with Nina about sharing Charlotte and being a part of her life. Nina says Lulu's trying to take Charlotte away from her father, which is not good.  

Finn and Hayden wake up in the afterglow. When she goes to shower, Finn grabs his giant needle. She catches him with it. He lies that since he's the disease longer, it's taking longer for him to get rid of it.  

Brad overhears Liz trying to find Franco. He tells her that Monica is angry that he didn't show up for work and the police are looking for him. Liz calls to meet with Scotty at Gene's. She sees Franco's car in the lot, but no sign of Franco. Liz wants to call the police, but Scott warns against it. Scott has the results that Tom's DNA was found on the dog cage. The two think Franco left town in order to avoid getting arrested.  

Charlotte runs to Nina and tells her what Lulu said. Nina reassures and promises her they'll discuss it with papa. When Valentin returns, Charlotte says she overheard Griffin say he killed Mommy. Valentin claims he had nothing to do with her mother's death. Charlotte mentions what Lulu said. Valentin promises to discuss it, but at a later time.  

Lulu comes through the ceiling in the main room and falls onto the cake. She explains to Dante what happened in the closet and that she scared Charlotte. 

Hayden and Finn head to The Rib and run into Brad. Hayden mentions that Finn is still taking the drug. Brad questions Finn about it and realizes that he's addicted to the drugs.  

Anna tells Griffin and Andre about her conversation with Valentin. She thinks he's back to get revenge on her for rejecting him.  

Liz finds out where Tom was murdered and heads into the alley where she finds Franco's bloody phone.