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Perkie's Observations: Sam Confronts Alexis on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco

Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco

Sam stops by to see Alexis and is not happy to see Julian there. After he leaves, she demands answers from her mother. Alexis admits to hitting Julian with her car and him blackmailing her into taking care of him. Alexis admits she has a problem with alcohol and she's ashamed.

Alexis explains that Julian has been helping her detox. Sam brings up Tom Baker and Alexis admits she may have killed him. Alexis explains what happened in the alley up until he pulled out the knife. She doesn't remember anything after that. Alexis says police think it was Franco, but it wasn't.

Jordan and Curtis are in Maryland following up on Buzz's story. Jordan admits he makes a credible witness, but feels it will still be difficult to help Sonny since the DA is determined to convict him. The two wait around for Curtis' car to be fixed and play poker. They share some laughs and a kiss.

Michael stops by to see Sonny, just as Carly returns from Australia. Carly tells them that Josslyn is not happy with her mother getting back together with Sonny and refuses to have anything to do with him. Way to go Joss! Michael offers to talk to his sister and heads out. Sonny wonders where that leaves them.

Jason runs into Liz, who's waiting for Kiki. He's not happy when he finds out they're meeting about Franco. Kiki tells Liz that the police stopped by the apartment with a warrant for Franco's arrest.

Kiki mentions the knife and the dog crate. She remembers that she helped lure Tom to the studio, and shouldn't have. Liz is certain Franco didn't kill Tom, but explains about finding the bloody phone. Kiki wants to know about the mysterious woman Franco is protecting, but Liz keeps quiet. Liz gives her the phone to get it checked out. Kiki promises not to go to the police yet.

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Michael finds Josslyn at the office with Nelle. She declares that she will never live with Sonny because he killed Morgan. Michael says Sonny isn't responsible for the bomb, but Josslyn counters that Sonny is still a mobster with a violent life. Michael feels Josslyn is hanging onto her anger to avoid dealing with the grief.

Nelle tells Josslyn not to become a victim of anger. She needs move through it and the grief. Nelle reminds Josslyn that she has many people who love her.

Carly says Jax talked Josslyn into coming back to Port Charles only if she didn't have to live with Sonny. Carly feels her place is with Josslyn, which doesn't sit well with Sonny. Carly questions what he'll do when he finds out who was responsible for the bomb. Sonny says he's learned a painful lesson and will think twice before doing something stupid. He wants them to live for today. The two kiss.

Michael, Nelle, and Josslyn show up. Josslyn admits that it hurts to grieve, but she won't give up on Sonny. She gives him a hug. Sonny says they're all living in the moment and that she can live with Carly if that's what she wants. Carly thanks Michael and Nelle, who gush about how great a stepfather Sonny is.

Julian's on the phone promising Olivia that he'll deal with Jason. Jason finds him and demands answers. Julian tells him that he's been living with Alexis, but refuses to explain his connection to Rudge. Julian leaves and Jason finishes drinking his coffee. When he stands up, he passes out.

Sam finds Liz and tells her they need to find Franco.

When Julian gets home, Alexis says he promised to take care of things and asks if he did something to Franco.