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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Makes His Move on General Hospital

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Donnell Turner, Vinessa Antoine

Donnell Turner, Vinessa Antoine

Sam tells Liz that she wants to help her find Franco. Liz questions what happened with Alexis. Sam says they need to focus on Franco and agrees to help. Liz says she understands Sam's ugly history with Franco, but that she can't let the past cloud her judgment. Sam lists the things that Franco has done to her. Liz says she understands Sam's hatred for Franco since it's the same way she feels about Tom.

Jason collapses as Tracy arrives at the restaurant. She sees that he's running a fever and gets him to the hospital. Jason comes around and asks Monica not to tell Sam anything just yet. Monica runs blood tests, which come back clear. She wonders what brought this on so quickly.

It turns out Franco's been locked up in a storage locker. He finds a piece of paper, writes a note asking for help, and shoves it under the door. RH proceeds to chew scenery before getting knocked out by a box. That made me laugh quite heartily.

When he comes to, he continues to go through boxes looking for a weapon. I point out to him that there's a perfectly good vent right beside his greasy head that he could crawl through. If a vent is good enough for Lulu in her pretty dress and six-inch heels, it's good enough for the annoying one.

Jordan and Curtis kiss, then head to the bed before she stops it. She reminds him that she's with Andre. Curtis is not happy. He claims she has feelings for him, but she shuts him down and sends him on his way.

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Alexis demands answers from Julian, who says he's done nothing to Franco on her behalf. She doesn't believe him. Julian warns her not to check in with Kiki and Liz since it will make her look suspicious.

Kiki shows Dillon the bloody phone (why is it still bleeding?) and tells him that it was found immersed in water. Dillon says he has a dehumidifier for expensive camera equipment. He will try to see if it can dry out the phone.

The two head over to Dillon's storage locker. Lo and behold, it happens to be across the hall from where Franco is being held. Dillon calls a friend for instructions on how to reboot the phone. Kiki sees the note on the floor. She uses it to write down the instructions without reading it. Dillon manages to dry out the phone and the two head out to meet with Liz.

Kiki's surprised to see Sam with Liz. She questions if Sam knows who Franco is protecting. Sam says she wants the truth. The phone turns on and Liz sees all of the messages that she and Kiki have left. Kiki is certain that it means Franco is in trouble.

Diane stops by to get Alexis ready for her meeting with the bar committee. She has a bottle of wine to celebrate with later. Alexis is certain that she won't get her license back, but Diane reassures her. After Diane leaves, Alexis puts the bottle away. Then she comes back and drinks it.

Julian pays Jason a visit at the hospital. Jason figures Julian put something in his coffee, which Julian admits. Jason demands answers. Julian says he was the intended target of the bomb and that someone wants to get rid of him and Sonny.

Julian says the boss wants Jason dead, but he wants to work with Jason to turn the tables on her. Jason says he doesn't trust Julian. Julian says they can't move forward until Jason agrees to work with him.