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Perkie's Observations: Liz Goes to the Police on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Liz thinks she should go to the police with the information that she has, despite Sam's concerns about Alexis' involvement. Liz feels the police won't treat Franco's disappearance as a kidnapping unless they have another possible suspect for Tom's murder. Franco's note falls out of Kiki's purse unnoticed.

Lulu interrupts Kevin's lunch with Laura to tell her mother what happened with Charlotte. Kevin thinks she and Valentin need to go to family therapy, which makes Lulu's head explode. Kevin points out that they should be doing what's best for Charlotte. Kevin reminds Lulu that Charlotte loves her father and doesn't know Lulu. He thinks they should co-parent. Lulu loses it again. She declares that she's going for full custody and storms off.

Carly finds mail for Morgan on Sonny's desk, which upsets her. Sonny shows her a stack of mail that he hasn't had the heart to open yet. The two open them together. Carly gets upset when she sees the extravagant charges that a manic Morgan had on his credit card.

Alexis is ready to drink the wine, but sees a picture of her girls and changes her mind. Sam arrives and warns her that Liz is going to the police. Alexis says she has nothing to do with Franco's disappearance, but Sam wonders if Julian does. Alexis says she believes Julian when he says he wasn't involved. Sam points out that her father is a lying liar who's pants are on fire more often than not.

Sam spots the bottle of wine and questions Alexis' sobriety. Alexis explains that she didn't drink and promises she won't. Sam tells her that she may need a lawyer.

Kiki and Dillon enjoy a date and a kiss. Carly witnesses it and isn't happy about it. Kiki says Morgan was her first love and she'll never forget him. She admits that she's sorry she hurt him, but she needs to move on.

Carly admits that she doesn't hate Kiki. It's just that's it hard to see her happy when she can't be. Carly heads to her office. She tells Nelle to go and retrieve Morgan's mail since she can't open it.

Michael tells Carly that he's been getting close to Nelle and they may possibly be building something. This surprises Carly. She tells him that he might be misreading things since Nelle said she was involved with a married man.

Liz heads to the station to talk to Dante and Nathan. She tells them that she thinks Alexis killed Tom. She thinks that Franco knew about it and Julian did something to Franco to protect Alexis. Dante heads out to talk to Alexis. Nathan questions why Liz thinks Franco is innocent considering his history. Liz feels Franco has changed.

Sonny's not happy when Nelle shows up at his house. She tells him that she's there for the mail. He says he's not comfortable with that. Nelle challenges him. She tells him that Carly wants her do so and wonders if he is willing to explain to Carly why she shouldn't.

Sonny says he sees the anger inside her and wonders who the rage is aimed at. Nelle denies being angry with anyone. Sonny warns her that if she doesn't get rid of it, it will consume her.

Dante shows up at Alexis' to ask questions.

Sam heads back to The Rib to find her phone. She sees the note from Franco on the floor.