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Perkie's Observations: Sam Finds Franco on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Roger Howarth

Kelly Monaco, Roger Howarth

Dante tells Alexis that her name came up during Tom's investigation and he needs to follow up. He asks where she was the night Tom was killed. Alexis refuses to answer any questions without her lawyer present.

Sam finds the note from Franco and calls Kiki to come over. When Kiki gets there, she's shocked to see that the note is from Franco. She wants to go with Sam. Sam says she's going alone, but to call the police if she hasn't heard from her in fifteen minutes.

Seth shows up at the station demanding to know why Nathan hasn't arrested Franco for Tom's death. He's certain Franco was responsible, thanks to his past. Liz says Franco didn't kill Tom, but Seth is certain he did since he locked Tom in a cage.

Hayden and Finn are back to work. Brad wants in on the patent for their life-saving drug, but Finn brushes him off.

Griffin congratulates Finn for curing a deadly disease. Finn tells Griff that an old hockey injury is acting up and his doctor's away. Griff gives him a prescription for pain killers, which Brad witnesses.

Brad approaches Finn to say that he knows he's addicted to Zen Zen and conned Griffin into giving him pain meds. He feels it's his duty to tell the board. Finn figures Brad is blackmailing him. Brad says he wants the credit and compensation he deserves for his help with the drug.

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Amy witnesses a moment between Hayden and Finn and wants to know what's happening between them. At first, Hayden refuses to say anything, but Amy plays her. Hayden admits they're together, but need to be professional at work.

Dante gets back to the station. He tells Nathan that they need to get a search warrant for Alexis' house because he believes she was involved with Tom's murder. Kiki shows up and tells them that Sam has gone after Franco.

Diane arrives to get Alexis ready for the hearing. Alexis says she's not going until Diane explains that they have a favorable judge. Alexis worries that it will reflect poorly on her if she cancels. She agrees to go, but says she has somewhere else to go first.

Sam heads to the storage facility. She calls out Franco's name to find out which unit he's locked in. She manages to break the lock with a fire extinguisher. Franco's glad someone found him, but Sam wants to know if Julian is responsible. Franco says it's someone with a lot of baseball trophies.

Liz follows Seth home. She asks how he knew that Franco had kept Tom in a cage since only the police knew that detail. Seth says Tom called him after he escaped from the cage and told him about it. Liz asks if he knows about Gene's Roadhouse because she thinks someone else was responsible for Tom's death.

The camera pans over to a bunch of trophies on Seth's desk. Way to be subtle there, show.  

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