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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Makes a Shocking Confession on General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna, Carolyn Hennesy, Nancy Lee Grahn

Dominic Zamprogna, Carolyn Hennesy, Nancy Lee Grahn

Seth continues to claim that Franco killed Tom. Liz swears he's a changed man and wouldn't do that. Seth feels Tom paid his debt and was reformed, while Franco hasn't.

Franco tells Sam that he doesn't know who knocked him out and tossed him in the locker. He knows Sam is worried about Alexis' possible involvement. He tells Sam about the photo of Alexis and Tom. Sam wonders if he's still planning on protecting her mother. Franco says he's been trying to be better.

Nathan tells Kiki that he'll find Sam and Franco, but that she's to stay out of it. Kiki begs him to make sure Franco is safe.

Alexis arrives and confesses to Dante that she killed Tom. Diane follows behind Alexis. She wants to shut down the interrogation. Alexis says she can't live with the guilt anymore and begs Diane to act as her friend, not her lawyer.

Anna checks in on Griffin and offers her condolences about Claudette. Griffin admits that he can't forgive Valentin and believes him to be responsible. Anna promises to find answers. She tells Griffin what she's figured out about her and Valentin's past. She's certain something happened between them and needs to figure it out.

Nina wonders when and how Valentin plans on telling Charlotte about her origins, now that Lulu has spilled the beans. Valentin explains how Lulu's embryo came about. Nina claims he's an amazing father and the two gush over how wonderful the other is.

Anna interrupts their date. She says she understands that he kept the photo of her as an inspiration for him to change. Before storming off, Anna warns him not to keep anymore secrets from her. Nina questions Valentin about what's going on between him and Anna.

Alexis explains about her months of drinking and blacking out. She says she remembers everything up to losing it with the knife. Diane is certain that it was self defense. Dante asks if there was blood on her hands and clothes, but Alexis figures that she could have washed it off.

Dante shows her a crime scene photo of Tom's body, which triggers a memory. Alexis recalls that she didn't stab him, but dropped the knife and took off. Dante believes her and goes back to Franco being the likely suspect.

Nathan finds Sam and Franco, who's taken to the hospital to have some tests. Griffin tells Sam that Jason was brought into the hospital. Kiki doesn't understand why Liz hasn't checked in with her yet. Nathan remembers that Liz was at the station at the same time as Seth.

As Liz is leaving, she trips over an album of Tom's that contains photos and notes about the women in town. Seriously show, this is 2017. Why wouldn't he have those photos on his phone instead of developed and in an album? Eeesh!

Seth finds Liz looking at the album and realizes that Tom wasn't reformed after all. Liz crows that his means Franco was right and that Tom was still a predator. Liz decides she's taking the album to the police, but Seth stops her. Oooh, I did NOT see that turn of events coming.

Franco remembers that he saw those trophies at the Baker house.