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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Won't Share with Valentin on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Genie Francis, Emme Rylan

Seth says Liz can't bring the album to the police because his name will dragged through the mud again. He mentions seeing Tom in the alley attacking a woman. He basically admits to being the one to kill Tom, in defense of all the women.  

Franco decides he's going to leave the hospital to save the little wimmin.  

Sam finds Jason in the hospital, who explains that Julian drugged him. He is genuinely afraid for his family's safety. Jason wants Sam and Danny in a safe house because they're vulnerable. She refuses to go. Jason decides they'll make it look like they're giving up their search in order to draw out Julian's boss.  

Ava stops by to see Avery. Sonny uses the opportunity to ask her about the Jerome business and how things are going. Ava says she's a legitimate art dealer and is no longer involved. Sonny points out that someone is clearly coming after Julian. He questions if she knows who it could be. Sonny wonders if it's a disgruntled employee or a long-lost sibling. Ava assures him that there are no relatives left.  

Nina's curious about Anna's past with Valentin. He explains about their time at the academy together. He relates that he was a hunchback and everyone bullied him except for Anna. Valentin says Anna was his friend. When he tried to kiss her, she was horrified and it inspired him to change.  

Lulu and Laura stop by Anna's to see if she has any information on Valentin that could be used against him at the custody hearing. Anna explains her past with Valentin at the WSB, but none of it would paint him as an unfit parent.  

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Anna says she's seen goodness in him when he deals with Charlotte. She wonders if Lulu should consider meeting him halfway. This suggestion makes Lulu lose it. Laura steps in and says Lulu should share custody. This would allow Charlotte to bond with her while they continue to look for ways to prove that Valentin is unfit.  

After Lulu storms off in a huff, Laura wonders what Anna isn't telling her. Anna admits that something happened that she doesn't remember, but is certain that Valentin blames her and wants her to pay. Laura warns her that he's evil and dangerous. She promises she'll kill Valentin if he hurts Lulu.  

Dante releases Alexis. Julian arrives and hopes she didn't confess. Alexis says she did, but remembered dropping the knife. Alexis wants to confess to the car accident, but Julian won't let her. He wants her to start with a clean slate. Julian promises to help her, even if it's just as a friend.  

Alexis tells Diane that she's not ready to get her law license back yet.  

Franco gets to the Baker house and starts beating up Seth, who feels guilty enough to let him do it. Nathan and Dante show up and arrest Seth. Liz insists that Franco go back to the hospital. The two share a kiss.

Jason and Sam form a plan to out the boss lady. Jason calls Sonny and asks him to come to the hospital.  

Nina shows up at Anna's demanding to know what she wants with her husband.