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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Bobbie Share Memories on General Hospital

Chad Duell, Laura Wright, Jacklyn Zeman, Chloe Lanier

Chad Duell, Laura Wright, Jacklyn Zeman, Chloe Lanier

Nina storms into Anna's house. She tells her to back off and to let the Cassadine newlyweds live their lives in peace. Anna points out that Valentin is the one obsessed with her, not the other way around. Why else would he still have her picture after all these years? Nina waves it away with her hand. Anna says Valentin is here to taunt her, and she needs to know the kind of man that she's married to.

Nina spots the photo on Anna's computer screen. She accuses Anna of using Valentin. Stringing him along, then dumping him. Anna tries to dispute it. Nina says she sees the real Anna, which upsets her.

Lulu wants to discuss joint custody with Valentin in a civil manner. She regrets blurting out the truth to Charlotte and knows that the child needs her father. Lulu suggests everyone go to family therapy. Now it's Valentin's turn to lose his shizz. He declines therapy and rescinds the offer of joint custody.

Michael comes across Nelle crying over the baby rattle. She claims she's sad because today is the anniversary of her father's death. Michael commiserates with her, then apologizes for being too close to her. Michael says he's knows that Nelle is seeing someone else.

Michael apologizes for misreading the signals between them. Nelle claims the other man is older and they have a casual arrangement. Michael offers her his friendship.

Julian shows up at the hospital for physical therapy. Sam confronts him about drugging Jason, which he denies. Sonny convinces the police that he has a back problem related to his shooting. He claims that he needs to go to the hospital to have Griffin check it out.

Sam, Sonny, and Jason play a game of make believe fighting, which Julian overhears and falls for. Jason claims there is no case, that there is no way for them to find out who planted the bomb, and that he's no longer investigating it. Sonny pretends to be upset, saying he was counting on Jason and accuses Jason of abandoning him. Julian laps it up and calls Olivia for an update.

Carly and Bobbie are looking through old family photos for Josslyn's school project. Carly reminisces about how mean she was to Virginia, even though she gave her the best life that she could. Bobbie wonders what might have been if she'd been able to raise Carly herself. Carly feels things worked out and she's come a long way.

Nelle and Michael arrive. Carly mentions her adopted father, Frank Benson, a name that Nelle reacts to. Carly says he was a sad, bitter man who left them when she was three. Nelle questions whether Carly checked up on her adopted family after she left. Carly says she doesn't care what happened to Frank, but explains that Virginia died.

When the others leave the room, Nelle spots a photo of baby Carly with the rattle. Bobbie returns and wonders why Nelle seems upset. Nelle loses it. She tells Bobbie to back off and storms out. Bobbie calls someone to ask them to look into Nelle's past.

Sam and Jason promise Sonny that they'll continue to investigate, now that Julian thinks they aren't a threat. Griffin tells Sonny that the x-rays show his back is fine and isn't happy that he was used.

Nina arrives as Valentin is telling Lulu that he won't share Charlotte with her. Lulu points out that she was willing to compromise, but promises him that the Spencers always win.

Nina admits to Valentin that she went to see Anna and that she saw the photo of him. Valentin apologizes for his hideousness, but Nina says she understands his strength and his courage.

Nelle talks to the rattle again, declaring war on Carly.

Anna tries to get more access to Valentin's file. As she does, the file gets deleted right before her eyes.  

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