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Perkie's Observations: The OG Olivia Visits Julian on General Hospital

Tonja Walker, Willam deVry

Tonja Walker, Willam deVry

*Since Olivia Falconeri and Olivia Jerome were in this episode, I will refer to Olivia Jerome as OJ.*

Dillon interrupts a make out session between Olivia and Ned, which embarrasses her. Ned isn't happy with their current arrangement and asks Olivia to move in. She says she doesn't belong in the mansion. Ned wonders if that means Olivia wants to cool things off between them. She reassures him that she's just being mindful of Leo's needs.

Jordan complains to Andre that Buzz took off and is not a witness, so the DA will continue to come after Sonny. Andre apologizes for being a douche to her at the wedding. He says he's happy with her and wants her in his life. Jordan says he's become essential to her and she doesn't want to lose him.

Julian tells Alexis that he's moving out now that he's helped her get sober. He says he won't tell the police that she was driving the car that hit him. Alexis seems a little disappointed that he's leaving. As a former JuLexis fan, I saw chemistry between them today and it makes me angry that the writers ruined it for a dumb story.

Liz sits at Franco's bedside until he wakes up and explains that Kiki and Scott were worried about him. She's not happy that he kicked her to the curb for her protection. Franco claims he was only putting them on hold until things could blow over. Liz says they're either together completely or not at all. He chooses together and the two kiss.

Jason and Sam (who apparently swallowed a basketball between yesterday and today's episode...seriously wardrobe, what the heck) drop by to see Sonny. They explain to Carly that they staged a public breakup to get Julian off their scent. When they mention a female boss, Carly assumes it's Ava. Sam denies it.

Carly asks about the police, but Jason says there are too many leaks in the department. He explains that Rudge seems to have disappeared and that they are the only ones who can find out the truth. Carly wants them to keep her updated on what they'll do when they find Morgan's killer.

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Ned complains to Dillon that he doesn't think Olivia feels the same way about him that he feels about her. Dillon mentions marriage, so Ned wonders if he should propose. Dillon points out that Ned has commitment issues, but the the wheels are already turning in Ned's head.

Carly warns Olivia that Julian is involved in something ugly and to keep a close eye on Leo. Olivia mentions warning Alexis, but Carly poo-poos that idea. Olivia brings up Ned and his invitation to move in. Carly thinks that means Ned is about to propose, which freaks out Olivia even more.

Alexis stops by to see Franco before his release and thanks him for not turning her into the police. Sam tells Alexis that she and Danny are heading out of town. She thinks that something is going down with Julian and it's not safe. She asks her mother to join her, but Alexis says she's working the program and can't leave.

Liz thanks Sam for finding Franco. Sam thanks Liz for giving her the heads up about Alexis' drinking. Liz asks Franco to come home with her to recuperate. When she steps away, Sam thanks Franco for not turning in Alexis, but says it doesn't make up for everything he did to her.

Curtis questions Jordan about the case against Sonny. She explains that now that Buzz has disappeared, the DA will continue with her case. Curtis mentions getting his badge back, something Jordan promised him while they were working the case. Jordan says she can't hire him and he should go somewhere else.

Curtis is angry with her for going back on her promise and claims she's afraid because she wants him in her bed. Jordan slaps him and says there is too much history between them for them to be able to work together. Curtis swears he isn't going anywhere.

Sonny wonders what Jason plans on doing once he catches whoever he's looking for. Jason says he's planning on delivering the person into the court system through the police. Sonny feels it will be his place to decide. Curtis calls Jason and says he's back in and willing to help.

OJ shows up at the lake house looking for an update on Julian, who isn't happy to see her. Julian says Jason has cut ties with Sonny and dropped the investigation. OJ asks about the hospital board, but Julian says it's harder to crack that one.

Alexis gets home and finds OJ there.