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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie and Felicia Conspire to Derail Nelle on General Hospital

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Jacklyn Zeman, Kristina Wagner

Jacklyn Zeman, Kristina Wagner

*Yesterday, in order to differentiate between the two Olivias, I used OJ to refer to Olivia Jerome. The show wants her known as Liv, so that's what she will be.*

Alexis questions why Julian hasn't moved out yet. Julian seems confused that she and his sister know each other until Alexis explains that Liv is her AA sponsor. When Alexis briefly leaves the room, Julian gets angry with Liv, but she brushes him off.

When Liv leaves, Julian pleads with Alexis to dump her as a sponsor and lean on her daughters or him instead.

Franco and Liz discuss their relationship. They wonder what people will say about their feelings for one another. Liz says she nearly lost him and that she loves him. The two make love. And I have to fast forward because after 20 years, I'm done with Liz.

Felicia stops by to see Nelle. She gives her a spa gift certificate as a thank you for all the work she did for the Naxie wedding. Nelle receives flowers from someone. Felicia pumps her for information on Carly's family. She warns Nelle about Bobbie. Felicia lays it on thick saying Bobbie is dishonest and to never trust her. Nelle falls for it.

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Sonny tells Jason that none of the other families know anything about the mystery boss lady. Curtis shows up saying he wants back into the investigation because he's pissed at Jordan. He explains that Buzz took off and they'll need another way to get Sonny cleared. Brick shows up with surveillance equipment to help them tail Julian to find the boss.

Josslyn wants Michael to date Nelle, but Bobbie tells her that Nelle has a boyfriend. Josslyn and Michael head to the hotel and run into Nelle. Josslyn sees the flowers. Nelle says they are for her. Josslyn sees the note that is signed "S". Nelle remembers ordering the flowers for herself.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle bought her act. She mentions the flowers that Nelle received. Felicia says she checked Nelle's social media history and found nothing. She says Nelle doesn't exist unless it's with a different name.

Julian calls Liv and warns her to stay away from Alexis. Curtis follows Julian.

Liv calls Alexis and reassures her that she's a friend and ally that she count on.  

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