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Perkie's Observations: Friz Face the Morning Together on General Hospital

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Liz and Franco wake up together. He worries about what people will say when they find out about them. Liz feels everyone will just have to accept it. Aiden comes running in and sees Franco in the bed. He asks if they are boyfriend/girlfriend now. Liz asks how he would feel about that, but Aiden's only interested in breakfast. And of course, he's too young to remember that the greasy haired bum in the bed kidnapped him as a baby. But I digress!

Michael's now on the hospital board. He has a meeting with Hayden about stabilizing the hospital's finances. Brad overhears and is concerned that the hospital will be shut down again, possibly for good.

Finn notices that his supply of painkillers is dwindling, so when he runs into Carly, he asks about Sonny. We are reminded of the time that Sonny got Finn some illegal drugs. Carly is thrilled that Finn is concerned about Sonny, but really, he just wants his drug supplier back.

Carly spots Hayden and bad mouths her to Finn. Hayden walks up and Carly realizes she and Finn are an item. Carly claims she's grateful if Hayden can get the hospital back on it's feet.

Felicia stops by Nelle's on the pretext of redecorating her bedroom and asks a bunch of personal questions in hopes of finding out information. When Nelle leaves the room, Felicia snoops and finds a gift bag with an expensive lingerie bra.

Sam decides she's not going into hiding. She tells Jason and Sonny that Julian will know something is off. Sonny counters that Jason will be distracted if he's worried about her, but Sam insists she can protect herself. She feels the lady boss will go after Jason if she suspects something's going on with Sam.

Curtis follows Julian with the listening equipment. Julian heads to the Chinese shop to meet with Liv. He yells at her some more about pretending to be Alexis' sponsor. Liv says he took everything away from her and she wants him to suffer because of it. Julian asks why she wants to take over the hospital and turn it into condos. Liv says it's an investment and that he needs to work harder to get the board members to see things his way.

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Curtis calls Jason to join him. The two aren't able to hear anything because Liv has music playing. Jason wonders why Curtis decided to help him again. Curtis says wants justice for Morgan and to clear up the mistakes he made in his past.

Brad spots twitchy Finn. He reminds him that he wants co-credit for the drug or he'll tell everyone Finn's secret. Lucas sees them and questions Brad, who swears he's not doing anything bad.

Felicia updates Bobbie about the expensive bra from Nelle's rich boyfriend.

Hayden tells Michael that in order to get the hospital back in financial stead, she'll need to make personnel cuts, including nurses.

Carly needs help filling out forms for Morgan's new foundation. She calls in Nelle to help her. Sonny is not happy when Nelle shows up. Carly asks Nelle to get the paperwork from her bedroom. Seriously, who sends an assistant up to their personal bedroom to get something. Eeesh. While Nelle is in the bedroom, she plants the lingerie bra.

Liv shows Julian how easy it is for her to get to any of his kids because she has a camera on Lucas and Brad at the hospital. Julian agrees to do her bidding and convince board members to agree to the sale. Why again is Julian folding and not getting rid of his sister once and for all?

Liv shuts off the music. Curtis and Jason overhear Julian say that the threat against him is from his sister. The Scooby boys see the top of a blonde woman's head. I'm sure they'll assume that it's Ava.  

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