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Perkie's Observations: Job Security Fuels Concerns on General Hospital

Rebecca Budig, Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Budig, Rebecca Herbst

Curtis decides the blonde woman is Ava because Julian has no other sisters. Jason feels like something is off and isn't ready to jump on the idea of Ava just yet.  

Nelle hides the bra near the mattress, then heads out. Carly and Sonny start to make out with the intent of going upstairs. Jason shows up with an update, so Carly leaves.  

Maxie accuses Nina of keeping Charlotte away from Lulu. Nina counters that Lulu was being selfish and traumatized Charlotte. She tells Maxie that Charlotte loves her father, but Maxie feels the parents need to compromise.  

Nina doesn't want to fight with Maxie over this, seeing as they work together. She asks Maxie not to let it ruin their relationship.  

Alexis consults with Lante over the custody battle with Valentin. Lulu explains that she told Charlotte the truth and now Valentin refuses to share. Lulu wonders what her chances are. Alexis tells her that the embryo was carried without Lulu's permission, which helps her case. Alexis tells Lulu not to see Charlotte without Valentin's permission.  

Amy spots Michael and Hayden talking. She questions them on whether the hospital will be closing or if there will be any layoffs. Hayden brushes her off. Amy gets upset and cries to Liz.

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Liz runs into Hayden. She asks about the staff cuts and whether she'll be a casualty as well. Hayden says she needs to save the hospital and needs to make tough decisions. The nurses decide to go to their union.  

Nina gets a call that the nanny has an emergency and is forced to bring Charlotte back to work with her. Hhhmmm, where was dear old dad? Nina also gets called out, so Maxie offers to watch Charlotte. Maxie immediately calls Lulu to come over.  

Michael pays Nelle a visit. He complains about his new job on the hospital board and how they need to make cuts. He feels badly that it's too late to save the hospital staff. Carly arrives with Nelle's flowers. Nelle takes them to bring home. Michael tells Carly that Josslyn saw the card and that they were from someone with the first inital "S".  

Julian meets with the board member in his pocket and asks about the sale of the hospital. Bob says the hospital has asked for an extension and he can't guarantee that they will sell. Julian tells him to work harder and get results.

Jason tells Sonny they don't have anything concrete because they couldn't see the woman's face and their voices were muffled by the music. Sonny figures Jason's keeping something back. Jason promises to let him know when he finds something definitive.

After Jason leaves, Sonny calls Brick and asks if the audio was recorded. He says he wants to hear it.  

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