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Perkie's Observations: Nina Fires Maxie on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms, Michelle Stafford

Kirsten Storms, Michelle Stafford

Lulu gets to the Crimson offices. Maxie shows her that Charlotte is there. Lulu says she's supposed to stay away. Maxie convinces her to try and fix things between them. Lulu sits with Charlotte, who's not happy to see her. Nina returns as Charlotte gets angry and starts screaming at Lulu.

Laura wakes up from a nightmare and explains to Kevin that it was about her killing Valentin before he had a chance to kill Nikolas. Laura says the dream made her happy.

Anna complains to Griffin that the WSB is restricting her access to Valentin's file. She admits to being ambitious back in the day and may have led Valentin on. Anna remembers there was another analyst there at the same time and calls Robert to help her track him down.

Jordan tells Dante that Buzz refused to come to PC to testify on Sonny's behalf. She says the new DA doesn't care about Buzz's statement because she wants Sonny behind bars.

Dr. Lee lets JaSam know that most of the baby's tests are fine, but that there was an issue with the non-stress test. She says that it's likely routine and they'll follow up. Jason tells Sam that the boss could be Ava, but Sam doesn't believe it either. Both think it's a good thing that Jason didn't tell Sonny.

Curtis shows up at Ava's gallery on the pretext that he's into art. At first, Ava doesn't believe him. Once he starts talking about certain pieces, she apologizes and tries to get him to buy something. Ava mentions being busy at work all day and how she hasn't had time for anything else. Curtis figures she couldn't have been with Julian earlier and sends Jason a text about it.

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Brick brings over the recording for Sonny, who watches the footage and sees the blond woman. Sonny listens to it and hears Julian say that it's his sister. Sonny assumes Ava is the boss who planted the bomb and decides he's going to handle it.

Buzz shows up in Jordan's office, saying he decided to come back to testify. He gives Jordan a letter that convinced him to do so. The letter is from Curtis, telling Buzz that he can put his trust in Jordan. Jordan calls Curtis to thank him.

Lulu tells Laura what happened at Crimson and that Charlotte hates her. She's worried that Nina will tell Valentin and they'll use it against her to get full custody.

Nina's angry with Maxie for calling Lulu and going behind her back to facilitate a meeting with Charlotte. Maxie says Lulu has rights as the bio-mother. Nina says Lulu is trying to take Charlotte away from Valentin. Maxie apologizes and promises not to let something like that happen again. Nina fires Maxie.

Dante heads over to Sonny's to tell him that they have Buzz. He finds the ankle monitor and no Sonny.

Sonny shows up at Ava's gallery.  

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