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Perkie's Observation: Sonny Threatens to Kill Ava on General Hospital

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Ava's surprised to see Sonny out and about. He accuses her of being responsible for Morgan's death. Ava flashes back to the pills, and says she never meant for things to go that far. Sonny mentions the bomb, which confuses Ava. Ava denies planting the bomb and swears she's been out of the mob since Kiki was shot.

Jordan thanks Curtis for helping bring Buzz back to PC. She wants to apologize for her behavior in Baltimore, but says she doesn't want anything to ruin what she has with Andre. She wants to be friends with Curtis, but he's having none of that.

Andre shows up as Curtis is leaving. He demands to know what's going on between them. Jordan admits to the kiss, but swears she now knows that she loves Andre. Andre says he won't be the other guy and breaks up with Jordan.

Sam tells Alexis about her appointment with Dr Lee, but downplays that there is anything wrong. Alexis says Kris and Molly are coming over and she's going to tell them the truth. The girls show up thinking Mom got reinstated and wants to celebrate.

Alexis says she doesn't have her license and explains about the alcoholism. Molly immediately blames Julian, but Alexis puts it all on herself and that Julian helped her detox. Alexis asks for forgiveness from her daughters, but Kristina loses her ish accusing her mother of having a double standard.

Carly finds Dante and the ankle monitor, but no Sonny at the house. Carly calls Jason to come over and asks about a lead. Jason says it doesn't add up so he didn't tell Sonny. He thinks he knows where Sonny went.

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Dante says Sonny's being cleared of the charges, but won't be if anyone finds out he took off the monitor. Dante wants to go after his father, but Jason says he'll do it. Carly agrees that Jason will have a better shot.

Julian meets with Liv about the hospital deal. She complains that he's dragging his feet. He says he's done everything she's asked, but she's still holding his family over him. Liv says he put a hit out on Duke and killed the only man she loved. Well, now we have motivation from Liv I guess.

Curtis runs into Hayden, who complains that she'll have to lay off one-third of the nursing staff. Curtis complains about how Jordan doesn't think he's all that and a bag of chips and that he doesn't just want friendship from her.

Dante complains to Carly that not going after Sonny could cost him his badge and he can't turn a blind eye to his father. Carly says she understands Sonny's need to find out who killed Morgan. Carly says Sonny knows she won't stay with him if he resorts to violence.

Alexis calls Liv over as her sponsor to discuss how badly things went with Kristina.

Ava begs for her life as she tries to get her gun from her purse, but Sonny takes it from her. Ava says Avery will find out that he killed her mother, but Sonny doesn't care. Jason shows up and tries to convince Sonny that Ava is not the one responsible.

Jason says Dante has evidence that clears Sonny and Carly is waiting for him. He says if Sonny kills Ava he'll lose everything.