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Perkie's Observations: Ava Gets Grilled on General Hospital

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Dominic Zamprogna, Maura West

Dominic Zamprogna, Maura West

Carly and Sonny end up in bed together next to Nelle's bra, but neither one notices it. Afterwards, Sonny tells Carly that he broke house arrest to go after Ava. Carly decides she's going to go make Ava pay for killing Morgan. Sonny stops her and says he won't let her throw her life away.

Dante interrogates Ava about her whereabouts. Ava claims she was at the gallery all day and when Dante checks, her assistant confirms it. However, there is a one hour time frame unaccounted for. Ava says she went home to get documents. Unfortunately, thats the exact time Julian was meeting with Liv and being recorded. Dante plays the recording for Ava and shows her the photo, but Ava says it's not her.

Jordan tells Julian that the charges against Sonny have been dropped because there is no evidence that he planted the bomb. Jordan says Julian knew Sonny didn't do it, since "his sister" did. Jordan plays him the recording. Julian claims it's not him. She shows him a photo of him and the blonde woman.

Jordan says he can help his case if he helps them build a case against Ava. Julian says he was afraid for his life and she has no cause to keep him. Ava spots Julian and tells him to explain that she's not the woman he was with. Julian leaves her to fend for herself.

Felicia continues to work Nelle to get more information from her. Felicia takes a call and Michael shows up. When Nelle mentions that Felicia and Bobbie don't get along, Michael is quick to give her the true 411 on the Jones-in-laws. When Felicia returns, Nelle is eager to talk about her boyfriend.

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Lulu wants to apologize to Valentin for what happened at Crimson, but he wants nothing to do with her. Valentin says Lulu is putting her needs ahead of Charlotte's.

Anna's migraine causes her to briefly lose her sight. She doesn't see Liv right in front of her. Some guy shows up to help her out. It turns out he's her friend from the WSB who was at the academy with Valentin. Anna wants to know why Valentin has an agenda against her. Karl tells her that she put Valentin on a kill list.

Jordan suggests Ava do an audio line-up. She calls in Buzz to see if he'll recognize boss lady's voice.

Julian tells Liv that the cops have a recording and a photo. Liv smacks Julian across the face and berates him for bringing the police to her door. Julian says the police think Ava's responsible, which is fine with Liv.

Later, Sonny finds the bra in their bed.  

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