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Perkie's Observations: Julian Appeals to Liv on General Hospital

Tonja Walker

Tonja Walker

Buzz listens to Ava's voice again and points the finger at her. He claims she's the one in charge, ordered the bomb, and wants him dead.

Julian wonders what Liv has planned regarding Ava. She tells him that Buzz isn't who he says he is and that she has a plan in place. Julian says Ava is family. He wants Liv to make peace and for them all to be one big, happy family.

Julian wants Liv to let go of the resentment because she's done enough damage. Liv isn't interested in anything he has to offer. She's fine with Ava taking the fall. Why again is he going along with this loony toon?

Sonny finds the bra. He stuffs it into his pocket when Carly returns. She says Ava needs to pay, but at the same time, she wants the truth. Sonny assures her that they'll find the answers together.

Finn questions where all the nurses are. Hayden tells him that they've organized a sick-out. He gets angry with her because they can't work without nurses. He storms off. Finn sees that he only has one pill left and accidentally drops it behind a cart.

Griffin drops by Liz's house to give her Franco's medications. Franco is his usual douchy self towards Griffin. After Griffin leaves, Liz questions why Franco is being jealous and said he embarrassed her.

Franco thinks Griffin was there to see her. Liz says Griffin is not Franco's competition (she's got that right) and wonders why he's so insecure. She says jealousy is a destructive emotion. Franco promises to work on his issues.

Jordan accuses Ava of being the mastermind behind the bomb, which Ava vehemently denies. Ava feels the "sister" on the recording could mean something different. Jordan says they're searching all of Ava's properties.

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Dante returns with a lease agreement for the herb shop, signed by Ava. Ava swears she didn't sign any lease and feels someone is setting her up. She tells Jordan that Curtis was with her at her gallery earlier and believes he may have planted evidence. Lab reports come back that a martini glass at the herb shop had Ava's DNA on it.

Carly runs into Michael and tells him that Jason has been investigating the bomb, which might point to Ava. She tells Michael that Ava will pay if it turns out to be true. Michael is thrilled when Carly tells him that the charges against Sonny have been dropped.

Griffin finds Finn searching for his meds and is surprised to hear that Finn is still in pain. Finn asks for a refill, but Griffin notices Finn's shaky hands and says he needs more than medication. Later, Finn finds the pill under the cart.

Hayden is surprised when a fired Amy shows up for work. Amy says she heard about the mini strike from the nurses and decided the patients needed her. Hayden agrees to rehire Amy.

Sonny accuses Nelle of planting the bra in his bed for Carly to find. Nelle feigns innocence, but Sonny says she's setting him up and he has a problem with that. Sonny doesn't believe her little innocent act and says she's making an enemy of him.

Sonny warns Nelle to stay away from his home and that if she does anything to jeopardize Carly's happiness, he'll make her pay.

Nelle re-listens to the recording she has of Sonny and declares that she'll tell Carly everything. Of course, I've heard that eleventy seven times already, so I'm not holding my breath.

Ava continues to claim that she's being framed, but Dante places her under arrest for Morgan's murder.  

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