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Perkie's Observations: Anna Passes Out at Wyndemere on General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes

James Patrick Stuart, Finola Hughes

It's Valentine's Day in Port Charles!

Ava's upset when Scott finally shows up at the PCPD. She tells him she's already been there for 24 hours. She tells Scott that the police think she killed Morgan. He reminds her about the pills, but Ava says it's about the bomb.

Ava swears she didn't set the bomb and wants Julian to clear things up. Scott calls Julian, who leaves Ava out to hang. Ava can't believe her brother's betrayal. She wonders if she should tell the police about tampering with the medications.

Maxie tells Nathan that she hasn't told Lulu that she was fired. Lulu apologizes to Maxie for what happened at Crimson and hopes things are okay. Maxie lies and says all is fine.

Anna tells Andre that she has no recollection of sanctioning Valentin's assassination and wonders why she can't remember. Andre offers to try hypnosis again, but Anna has other plans.

Dillon and Kiki enjoy their first date together until Kiki gets the call that Ava has been arrested for Morgan's murder. Kiki heads down to the station. Ava swears she didn't set the bomb. Kiki says if she finds out Ava is responsible in any way, it will be the end of them.

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Dante gets a call from Diane that the custody trial is starting next week and warns Lulu that Valentin's lawyer is a shark. Maxie admits to Lulu that she was fired.

Nina runs into Naxie. Nathan tries to mend fences between the women, but Nina's not having it. Maxie tells Nathan that she may need to move to New York to find another job. Nathan promises to be there with her.

Curtis meets with an old friend, who's quick to pull out some drugs for a night of fun. Curtis says he's been clean for 6 years and just wants them to have fun elsewhere. The two end up at the Floating Rib where Jordan sees them. She isn't happy.

Back at the apartment, Kiki's not sure she can get past Morgan and worries about Ava's part. Dillon says because he is Paul's son, he understands and promises to be there for her. The two kiss.

Anna breaks into Wyndemere to place a bug. Valentin catches her and demands to know what she wants from him. Anna wants him to explain why he left the WSB. Anna then passes out.

Scott is certain he can get Ava out on bail by tomorrow. She decides she's safer from Sonny if she stays put.  

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