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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Tracy Butt Heads on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Jane Elliot

Genie Francis, Jane Elliot

Valentin brings Anna to the hospital and tells Griffin what happened at Wyndemere.

Liz and Franco's romantic moment is interrupted by Felix and Epiphany, who arrive for a strategy meeting. Franco says he wants to join their cause. Felix tells him to spy for them and find out what management's next plan is. After he leaves, Pif and Felix question Liz about her relationship. Liz admits she's in love with Franco and that she's happy.

Laura wants Tracy to pull her weight in helping out around the hospital, but Tracy refuses. Laura's not happy with the layoffs. Tracy says it's the only way to the hospital can survive.

Laura feels the nurses are the heart and soul of the hospital and without them, it's just a building. Tracy admits she lost track of what was important and may have another solution.

Hayden wonders what's going on with Finn. He says he's run down because of the extra work he needs to do without the nurses.

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Nathan wants to hash things out with Nina again. He says Maxie is vital to Crimson. Nina counters that Maxie violated her trust and upset Charlotte. Nina says she's going to support Valentin. Nathan only wants a compromise.

Maxie arrives and is not happy that Nathan is fighting her battles, but he reassures her that he's working things out. Nina gets a call from Valentin that he's at the hospital. She rushes out.

Kiki and Dillon make love. In the afterglow, she brings up Morgan, again. Kiki says she wants to believe her mother wasn't responsible, but Ava has lied too many times before.

Franco tries to get information from Hayden, claiming he understands management's position. Hayden says they're getting rid of all nonessential positions. She fires Franco.

Griffin calls in Finn, who does a CT scan on Anna. He tells Valentin that there is a blood clot and they are waiting for more test results. Griffin notices that Finn is sweating and his hands are shaking. He confronts Finn.

Finn claims he had Blackwood Syndrome longer than Hayden did, and it's taking him longer to recover. Finn gets Anna's test results and they aren't good.

Nina gets to the hospital to find Valentin sitting at Anna's bedside.