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Perkie's Observations: The Quartermaines Plot to Buy General Hospital

Billy Miller, Leslie Charleson

Billy Miller, Leslie Charleson

Nina is not happy to see Valentin sitting with Anna. When Anna kicks him out, Nina demands to know what he was doing with her.

Finn and Griffin discuss Anna's condition. They both decide they need more answers before telling her the diagnosis. Finn tells Anna about the blood clot. He explains that they are treating her and want to keep her overnight. Finn says he wants to do a bone marrow biopsy.

Julian updates Liv on the situation with the hospital. He claims that it's only a matter of time before she can buy it. Julian warns her that once she has the hospital, he's finished doing her bidding.

Ned and Olivia are celebrating Valentine's Day. Tracy comes in and announces a family meeting. Franco interrupts Killon's love session. Dillon gets summoned home for the family meeting and heads out. Franco tells Kiki that he was fired and worries about what Liz will say. Kiki reassures him.

Valentin and Nina head back to the hotel room. He explains what happened with Anna at Wyndemere. He distracts her by giving her the engagement ring. He tells Nina that he loves her. Nina says she's too scared to say it back to him. The two make love. Later, when Nina leaves the room, Valentin calls the hospital for an update on Anna.

Once all of the Quartermaines are wrangled, Tracy tells them that she wants ELQ to buy the hospital. Michael and Jason counter the argument. Olivia says the Qs should buy it outright. All of them start to pool their money to see if they can do it.

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Alexis receives flowers from Julian, who also shows up at her door. Julian gives her a key to a safety deposit box. He says it contains his will and a letter of explanation. Alexis questions what's going on, but he just tells her that if something happens to him, she's to read the letter.

Sam stops by Liz's with Jake's science project. She mentions that the childbirth class was cancelled because of the sick-out. Liz apologizes, but Sam worries where she do the birthin' of the baby. Liz is certain the sick-out will be over by then.

Franco tells Liz that he was fired. Liz says they'll fight for his job as well as hers. She reassures him that they'll make it work.

An orderly leaves a tray of drugs by the nurses desk, as one does when dealing with hospital narcotics. Finn grabs one and takes it.

Griffin reassures Anna that he'll be there during her procedure. He leaves a voice message for Robin to call him. Griffin and Finn discuss Anna's case. Griffin says Anna is scared and it's a good thing they didn't tell her that she might have cancer.  

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