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Perkie's Observations: Robin Returns to Help Anna on General Hospital

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Kimberly McCullough, Michael Easton, Matt Cohen, Finola Hughes

Kimberly McCullough, Michael Easton, Matt Cohen, Finola Hughes

Robin shows up at Anna's bedside, explaining that Griffin called for her to come. Anna realizes this means that something is seriously wrong with her.

Nelle makes a copy of the recording of Sonny and mails it to Carly.

Sonny wonders who's responsible for the bomb if it isn't Ava. Jason promises to find out.

Sam tells Alexis that Ava was arrested, but she doesn't think her aunt is responsible. Sam spots the flowers and Alexis explains that Julian sent them, along with a key. Alexis explains about the letter and how she can't access it until Julian is gone. Sam decides she and Jason will find out about the letter because it could have the answers to what's been going on.

Julian tells Liv that Laura, Michael, and Tracy are hold-outs, but the rest of the board is in their corner. He promises that she'll have the hospital by tomorrow.

Julian pulls out a bottle of champagne to celebrate. He puts poison in Liv's drink, but she figures it out. Julian tells Liv to kill him and get it over with, but she still needs him for the hospital deal.

Hayden tells Tracy that the Quartermaine offer was not as high as the real estate offer. Ned decides to sell L&B to Lois to add to the pot. Tracy's surprised to hear that Ned is selling and setting down roots in Port Charles.

Ned asks Tracy for Lila's engagement ring, saying he's going to ask Olivia to marry him. Tracy is not happy with this because Olivia is not daughter-in-law material. Ned reminds her that he doesn't need her blessing and intends to marry Olivia with or without it.

Finn calls Sonny for a drug run. Sonny says he has eyes on him right now and can't get away, but promises to see what he can do.

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Hayden tells Finn that he needs to patent his drug for the HaydenFinn disease. Finn doesn't have time to go to Manhattan. Later, Tracy offers him the ELQ jet.

Carly asks Nelle to go up to the family cabin and set it up for her and Sonny. She wants things to be special so they can move forward. Michael offers to go with Nelle.

Sonny tells Jason about finding Nelle's bra. He says he thinks Nelle wants Carly to find out about them. Jason tells him to take the power away from Nelle by telling Carly himself. Sonny approaches Carly, but she wants them to do all their talking at the cabin.

Tracy decides that it's okay for Ned to propose to Olivia with Lila's ring. She said she was worried that she would lose him, but Ned says the mansion is big enough for everyone.

Griffin and Finn tell Anna that she has a rare form of blood cancer that creates excess cells and causes clots. Anna wonders how to beat it, but is told that it's a condition with no cure.

Anna gets upset until Robin reminds her that she's been dealing with a chronic illness for years and that Anna has to be strong. Robin promises to help Anna manage this.

Ned proposes to Olivia, who says she can't marry him and runs away.

Michael and Nelle get the cabin ready, but a storm comes in forcing them to spend the night.

Liv decides she needs to teach Julian another lesson. She calls Sam pretending to be from Dr. Lee's office.  

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