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Judge Judy is Betting on Her Repeats Fetching $200 Million

Judge Judy

There may be no second acts in American lives but Judith Sheindlin is hoping the same isn't true for reruns of her hit show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheindlin is shopping repeats of Judge Judy for a whopping $200 million. 

Judge Judy is by far one of the most lucrative programs in the history of television syndication. Millions tune in to watch the acerbic Sheindlin rip plaintiffs and defendants to shreds five days a week. 

The show is such a juggernaut, CBS Television Distribution (CTD) pays Sheindlin an astronomical $47 million annually. But will her patented brand of judicial straight shooting prove as successful in repeats?

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According to THR, there's a long-held belief courtroom shows can't bring in viewers aftermarket. Sheindlin and her team are reportedly balking at that theory, believing Judy lovers will want to see her dishing out justice on local TV stations and streaming platforms long after her current contract with CBS expires in 2020.