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Perkie's Observations: Liv Stalks Sam on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Michael tells an anxious Nelle that because of the storm, the roads are closed and they're stuck at the cabin overnight. When the power goes out, the two are forced to find wood to start a fire and take a warm bath. Michael thanks Nelle for being there for him after Morgan's death. The two share a moment.  

Ned tells Dante that Olivia turned down his marriage proposal and wonders why. Dante thinks it's because his mother worries she won't be able to make it work. 

 Julian gives Olivia a copy of his last will and testament, saying the bulk of his estate is going to Leo, in trust. Olivia wonders who's after him and why. Julian tells her to have a good life with Ned.  

Curtis and Jordan run into each other. He tells her about his new lady, Grace. She tells him that she broke up with Andre. She blames Curtis and his kiss. Jordan also blames Curtis for the pitfalls in her case. Scott is claiming the evidence collected against Ava was fabricated.  

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Jordan points out that Curtis was at the gallery the day Ava was arrested and wonders if he planted the evidence against her. Curtis denies any wrongdoing and claims Jordan is frustrated because she can't get into his pants.  

Liv's waiting for Sam in the parking garage. She eavesdrops when Robin runs into Sam. They have a brief chat. Sam's confused when she finds out Dr. Lee never made an appointment with her, then warns Lucas to stay away from Julian. When Sam gets back to her car, it won't start and Liv is there to offer a ride.  

Ned finds Olivia and waxes poetic about how he isn't the man she deserves and he holds her to such high standards. Olivia questions whether he's taking back the proposal, but Ned tells her that it's still on the table until she's ready to accept it.  

Robin runs into Sonny and tells him that she's in town because of Anna. Sonny explains how he's trying to move forward after Morgan's death. Robin mentions Ava's arrest. Sonny says Ava has no problem hurting people. Robin says big sister Olivia was the same way.  

Julian stops by the hospital on his goodbye tour to give Lucas a letter about his past. Lucas wants nothing to do with his father. Jason shows up looking for Sam. Julian is angry with him for snooping in the Jerome business when he warned them to stay away. Julian says if something happens to Sam, Jason will be as much to blame.  

Liv is driving Sam and talking about her life. She says she's worked hard to start over. Sam spots the reincarnation sign.