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Perkie's Observations: Julian Leaves Ava Hanging on General Hospital

Maura West, William deVry

Maura West, William deVry

Michael and Nelle almost kiss, but she stops it and says it can't happen again. Michael wonders why she's so closed off and always seems unhappy. Nelle says things don't work out for her and that she'll never be happy.

Nelle feels the deck is stacked against her and she doesn't deserve to be happy. The two share a hug. Nelle decides she's ready for a new path. Michael wonders if he's on that path with her.

Julian pays Ava a visit. She's not happy when it becomes obvious that he has no intention of helping her get out. Ava reminds him of all the things she did to get him acquitted and asks how he plans to repay her. Julian says he's left instructions with Alexis if something happens to him.

Ava wonders if he's planning on disappearing. She says Julian needs to trust her and tell her what's going on. Julian's about to tell Ava the truth. He gets a text from Liv with a photo of Sam in her car. He clams up again. Ava declares Julian dead to her.

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Tracy checks with Hayden to see if they have enough money to save the hospital. Hayden's optimistic, but Tracy's still worried that the board members will vote for the real estate deal. Hayden checks in on Finn, He's supposed to be on his way to Manhattan to get the patent on the drug, but he isn't there.

Sam recognizes the reincarnation sign in Liv's car while Liv natters on. Sam asks her to pull over.

Sonny summons Jason to let him know what Robin told him about the Jerome siblings. Jason says he knows that Liv supposedly died in 1990, but he thinks she might not be dead. Jason believes she could be responsible for Morgan's death. Sonny brings it back around to Ava, but Jason says they want the right person to pay.

Carly tells Bobbie about her plans to go to the cabin with Sonny. Bobbie tells her about the giant winter storm in the area and that she won't be going away. Bobbie gets a call from Felicia with information about Nelle.

Sam convinces Liv to let her out of the car on the pretext that she's going to a friend's house down the road. Sam drops her phone. Liv takes it from her, then pulls a gun on Sam.