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Chloe is The Absolute Worst on Days of Our Lives

Nadia Bjorlin, Eric Martsolf

Nadia Bjorlin, Eric Martsolf

I've witnessed a lot of character assassination on soaps, but what's happening to Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) on Days of Our Lives is an example for the record books! This past week, the smug, ex-opera singer was awarded custody of former best friend Nicole's (Arianne Zucker) baby. 

A judge actually sided with Chloe, who carried Baby Holly as a surrogate (unbeknownst to Nicole), because the court thinks Nicole is unfit. Okay, so she's got a rap sheet a mile long and has a penchant for screwing sleazeballs like Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry). Newsflash: So does Chloe!

Nicole may have once been a porn star but at least that's legal (and even unionized). Chloe was once a prostitute and since fictional Salem U.S.A. isn't in Midwestern Nevada, Chloe is the one who was committing an actual crime. 

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Yeah, there was that one time Nicole tried to fry Victor (John Aniston) in a bathtub and she did switch one of Sami's (Alison Sweeney) babies with a sickly kid at birth, but she and Sami hated each other. Chloe and Nicole are supposed to be her home-girls!

Ghoul Girl is seriously breaking frenemy code with this one. Now had Chloe pulled this stunt back when she and Nicole hated one another — say in retribution to Nicole tainting those scalpels with flesh-eating bacteria that time —  I'd understand her motivation. But these two have been thicker than man-sharing thieves for years! 

I hope new head writer Ron Carlivati can restore Chloe and Nicole's characterization when his material begins airing in July. I miss the vain opera singer who was so friggin' melodramatically awesome Victor's son and grandson couldn't help fighting over her. As for Nicole, remember when she was a snarky, cocktail-swilling grifter? All she does is cry and moan nowadays. These two Paulines need a little less peril over babies and nogoodniks and a lot more vodka, if you ask this blogger.