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Perkie's Observations: Nina Has Anna Arrested on General Hospital

Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford

Liv introduces herself to Sam and explains that she didn't die all those years ago. Sam accuses her of hiring Buzz and killing Morgan. Sam questions why she's after Julian now. Liv says he killed her precious Duke.  

Hayden tells Griffin that she's worried about Finn because his plane didn't land in New York. Griffin explains about his painkillers and that Finn was showing signs of withdrawal.  

Finn's back at his hotel with a bag full of his drugs. He shoots himself up twice because the he's built up a tolerance and he needs more to get the same effect.  

Curtis runs into Nina and congratulates her on her new marriage and child. Nina complains that Anna is obsessed with Valentin. Curtis wonders if Valentin has told Nina everything or if he's keeping secrets.  

Valentin pays Anna a visit in the hospital. She wants help figuring out why she would have ordered his assassination. He's not in a hurry to help her out with the holes in her memory.  

Jason asks Robin about Olivia Jerome. Robin says Liv was crazy, dangerous, and obsessed with Duke.  

Julian meets with his board lackey Fred Green. Fred explains that the Quartermaines are matching the real estate offer and Julian may not win the bid as previously expected. Julian warns him to make sure he gets the votes because it's a matter of life and death.  

Liv tells Sam that she has nothing and it's not fair (I think I heard those same words from Nelle yesterday).  

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Robin finds Valentin in Anna's room and tells him that he's unwelcome. He tries the charm, but Robin's quick to point out that he killed Nikolas and to leave her mother alone.  

Anna's got cabin fever and wants to go home. Robin says she needs to stay in the hospital and take care of herself. Griffin comes in and tells Anna that they need to keep her overnight. Robin and Griffin point out that Anna's condition will affect her career.  

Anna is upset to learn that her career is over. Robin says she doesn't want to lose her mother. She tells Anna that she needs to take care of herself for her and Emma. Anna backs down. Robin and Griffin have a nice sibling bonding moment.  

Valentin tells Nina that he went to see Anna at the hospital, which does not sit well with her. Valentin says he's showing mercy, but Nina's not amused. When he leaves the table, Nina calls the police and tells them about the break-in.

Jason updates Curtis about his theory regarding  Liv. He says they need proof that she's alive and suggests they dig up her grave.  

Sam pretends to be in pain, then grabs the gun from Liv. The two fight and Liv shoves Sam over the bridge.  

One of the PCPD's finest shows up to arrest Anna. 

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up on the next GH!