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Perkie's Observations: Sam Is Stranded in the Cold on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Sam comes to, having spent the night unconscious at the bottom of the bridge. She tries to climb back up, but falls again.

Hayden storms into Finn's room. She searches it until she finds his pouch of drugs. She accuses him of being an addict. Finn admits that he's developed a dependency. Hayden wants him to check into rehab, but Finn thinks he can quit on his own. Finn says he loves her, but Hayden feels he's just saying it to manipulate her. She's having none of it.

Dante tells Valentin that he needs to make a statement about Anna's arrest. It confuses him until Nina admits that she was the one who made the call. Valentin is not happy that she went behind his back. Nina doesn't understand why he's protecting Anna and asks if he has feelings for her.

Valentin says he feels sorry for Anna and that he doesn't want her charged. He says he loves Nina, but that he won't accept this from her. He tells Dante that he's dropping the charges.

Liv stops by the hospital to check on the board meeting and finds out that Anna is a patient. She plans on killing her, but gets spooked away.

Robin explains Anna's condition to the officer on duty. He promises to let the station know that Anna needs to recover before being taken into custody.

Tracy calls Laura to remind her to be at the board meeting. Lucy tells Tracy that the hospital will accept the real estate deal. Tracy accuses Lucy of only being happy because of her commission.

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Alexis makes amends to Laura, explaining that she was under the influence when dealing with Valentin's claim on the estate. Laura accepts the apology and admires Alexis' strength. Later, Rudge causes a distraction and drops some drugs in Laura's drink. Laura passes out in her car, which causes her to miss the board meeting.

Jason wants to open Liv's crypt, which grosses out Curtis. The two get it open only to find it empty.

Liv congratulates Alexis on her thirty days of sobriety. Alexis tells her that Julian gave her a key to a safety deposit box. Liv doesn't want her to jeopardize her sobriety. She makes Alexis promise to check out the box with her.

Robin tells Anna that she has to fight for her new grandchild. Anna's thrilled to hear that Robin is pregnant.

Valentin stops by to tell Anna that the charges are dropped.

Jason checks in with Alexis regarding Sam's whereabouts. Alexis hasn't seen her since the previous morning.  

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