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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Learns the Truth about Liv on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Billy Miller

Nancy Lee Grahn, Billy Miller

Jason calls Sam's phone. It rings in Alexis' purse where Liv dropped it earlier. Alexis knows she didn't have it earlier. She says the only person she left her purse alone with was her sponsor. Jason shows her an old photo of Liv and explains to Alexis who she is.  

Alexis says she walked in on Liv and Julian once. Jason feels Liv is controlling Julian and the two worry about what Liv did with Sam. Jason goes through Sam's phone and sees a photo and recognizes the bridge.  

Meanwhile, Sam is still hanging out at the bottom of the bridge, where she appears to be having contractions.  

Nelle and Michael are back in town. She's decided to turn over a new leaf and give up her vendetta. Nelle tosses the flash drive in the garbage and deletes the file from her computer.  

Carly and Sonny spend the night together. Carly decides she's moving back in. Sonny wants them to renew their vows. He wants Griffin to officiate.  

Finn finds Hayden before the board meeting. He promises to get help as long as he doesn't lose her. Hayden's not happy to hear that his sobriety depends on her. Later, Finn meets with a company regarding his drug, but turns down the proposed pay out.  

Liv's got Julian shackled to her radiator while they wait for news of the hospital board meeting. Julian demands to know what she's done to Sam. Liv explains how Sam attacked her and fell off the bridge.  

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The board members arrive for the vote. Tracy worries that Laura hasn't shown up yet. The vote ends up tied. Dr. Obrecht shows up, saying she is the tie-breaker. She votes against the Quartermaines.  

Sonny tells Griffin about the vow renewal and asks him to officiate. Griffin thinks this is about the woman Sonny slept with and warns him that secrets always come out. Sonny promises to tell Carly the truth.  

Nelle gets to the office and searches for the package that she had sent to Carly. Eventually, she finds it.  

Bobbie summons Carly. She tells her what Felicia found out in Atlanta. Bobbie says Nelle and Sonny have been having an affair. Carly doesn't believe it and is determined to prove that it's not true.  

Liv gets the call that board voted for the real estate deal and is thrilled that she won.  

Carly lets herself into Nelle's apartment. She sees the computer screen that shows Nelle deleted a file about Sonny. Carly spots the flash drive in the garbage and listens to it. She hears Sonny's voice tell Nelle not to spill the beans about their sexual escapade.

Jason gets to the bridge. He starts looking for Sam and calls out her name.  

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