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Perkie's Observations: Finn Saves the Day on General Hospital

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Tracy's upset about the vote and storms out. Hayden and Monica are upset to hear that the vote didn't go their way. Finn tells them to stall while he calls the pharmaceutical company to agree to sell them his cure. 

Carly listens to the flash drive and vows payback. Sonny arrives as Carly is leaving.  

Jason wanders around the bridge looking for Sam. When the moon hits his eye like a big pizza pie, he spots her down below. He calls 9-1-1 before sliding down to her. Sam tells him that the baby is coming and that something is wrong. Jason helps Sam deliver the baby (without removing her pants apparently). Once the baby is safe, Sam passes out.  

Julian begs to be released because he's worried about Sam. Liv blathers on about how he's all about his family, except for her, which is why she had to blackmail him into doing her bidding.  

Bobbie runs into Nelle at the office. She tells her to pack her bags because the  game is over. Nelle doesn't understand Bobbie's anger because she only wants the best for the Corinthos family. Bobbie says she knows Nelle slept with Sonny and that Carly knows as well. Nelle runs off.

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Fred Green wants Tracy to certify the vote, but she, Michael, and Hayden try to stall. Finn shows up and says he sold his drug patent and will give the money to the hospital. Tracy decides this means the hospital can stay open. The board votes to make the previous vote null and void.  

Fred sends Julian a text that the deal is off. Liv is angry with Julian for failing her.  

Nelle runs to Michael with her sad little eyes.  

Carly wonders why Sonny is so anxious in Nelle's apartment. She says she knows he's been screwing her.  

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