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Season 2 of Bounce TV's Saints & Sinners Goes Hard

Who knew church could be this sexy?

Those treacherous Johnsons from Bounce TV's red-hot primetime sudser, Saints & Sinners, are back for another season of drama in and out of the sanctuary. Let the church say amen!  

All My Children alum Vanessa Bell Calloway leads the cast as Lady Ella Johnson, the First Lady of Greater Hope Baptist Church. Lady Ella was almost undone in Season 1 by the death of her husband, her political ambitions and those secret lesbian encounters. Now that Ella is mayor of the town of Cypress — and finally has the power base she so desperately craves — will she be able to keep it?

Vanessa Bell Calloway

Vanessa Bell Calloway

Jasmine Burke stars as Dr. Christie Johnson. Greater Hope's First Daughter desperately wants to resolve her past with former Minister of Music Miles Calloway (Keith Robinson) before it ruins her future with church leader Levi Sterling (Christian Keyes). If only she can figure out who fathered her baby. Who knew a church house love triangle could get this intense?

Oz and The Wire vet J.D. Williams appears as Jabari Morris, heir to the criminal empire helmed by Rex Fisher (Clifton Powell), the Johnson family's arch nemesis. With Rex in prison will Jabari finally be free to call the shots? Not so fast, young blood...

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J.D. Williams

J.D. Williams

Look for a juicy Season 2 story arc featuring Kendrick Murphy (Tray Chaney). Lady Ella and Rex will certainly have their hands full with this dude! Okay, that's enough teasing. Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Bounce TV's Saints & Sinners this Sunday, March 5 at 9/8c.