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Eric Braeden Sounds Off on Michael Muhney and The N-Word

Eric Braeden, Michael Muhney

Eric Braeden, Michael Muhney

The Young and the Restless leading man Eric Braeden isn't one to forgive and forget. The actor provided details of his headline-grabbing on set feud with former TV son Michael Muhney in the pages of his memoir I'll Be Damned, yet stopped short of using Muhney's name in the tome. In a new interview for the Toronto Sun, Canadian journalist Shaun Proulx went there with Braeden. 

Here's an excerpt:

"You talk freely about the Y&R cast and crew and name a good many of them in your book. You and Melody make a point of not being part of each other’s private lives. You aren’t close to Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) and have had skirmishes with her. But when you discuss one actor in particular (Michael Muhney, ex-Adam) you don’t name him. Why?  

Simply not to dignify them. It was all so egregious that I will not dignify that person by name again. All there is to it. Egregious. And that’s all I’m going to say. And I obviously explain it in the book as to what happened. Beyond that, I don’t really … No, I don’t want to edify that person by naming the name. " 

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Braeden, who came under fire on Twitter for retweeting a meme praising his character Victor Newman that used the N-word, claimed he was hacked at the time. However, he shared with Proulx he doesn't like that black men are allowed to use the word but others can't. 

"What was it like when your Twitter account was hacked? Especially for someone who is anti-racism, to have your face on a meme with the N-word on it.

 I don’t give a damn because I know what I feel. And even that tweet was taken out of context. It is an affectionate term African-American guys use with each other. It’s an affectionate term amongst themselves. God forbid someone else use it. I’ve heard that kind of addressing each other in boxing gyms where I’ve spent a lot of time — you just hear that. Otherwise, if it’s meant in its pejorative form then obviously I resent it enormously. "