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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Faces the Music on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Carly accuses Sonny of having an affair with Nelle. He admits that he slept with her on Thanksgiving, but swears it was only the one time. Carly mentions the flowers Nelle got. Sonny accuses Nelle of setting him up and playing them both.

Jason finally realizes that Sam has passed out. He manages to make her come around with his dulcet tones. The two realize that she's bleeding. Sam falls over again. Jason says she needs to hold the baby so he can get them both back up the bridge. Stretching the parameters of time and physics, Jason carries Sam and the baby up the bridge to the waiting ambulance. Seriously. How?

Monica interrupts Friz's sexy time (thank you Monica!). She asks Liz to come back to work because the hospital and the nursing jobs have been saved. Franco follows Liz into work like an untrained, unwashed mutt. He wants to know when Monica will put him back on the schedule. She says there is no money in the budget for unnecessary services. Later, Franco tells Liz that he's applying for a janitor's job.

Liv continues to chew whatever scenery is left in that hotel room while complaining that Julian is a crappy brother. Julian still wants to know what's so important about the hospital. Liv says it's not the building itself, but what lies beneath. (Helena's secret lab perhaps?).

Alexis and Curtis show up at Jordan's office at the same time to explain that Olivia Jerome is alive and well. Curtis explains how she's the one pulling Julian's strings. Alexis is certain that Liv's done something to Sam.

Nelle and her sad eyes tell Michael that she's done something terrible and needs to go away right now. Michael promises he can fix it. Nelle spins a tale about a sick friend that she's ignored, who now needs her help. Michael offers to go with her so they can spend time together.

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Sam and the baby are brought into the hospital.

Carly questions how Sonny could do this to her and their family. I'm forced to remind Carly that this is Sonny and it's what he does. Sonny says it was a weak moment when he thought he'd lost her to Jax.

Sonny says they both played into Nelle's hands. Carly mentions the flowers again, and Sonny points out that he wouldn't be stupid enough to send a woman flowers in public. He tells Carly that Nelle planted her bra in his bed.

Jordan wants Alexis to call Liv so they can trace her location. Alexis calls Liv saying she wants a drink because Sam's missing. Liv tells her to find a meeting. Jordan traces the call, but by the time she gets to the hotel, the Jerome siblings are gone.

Carly believes Sonny. She hates that he lied to her for all these months, enabling Nelle to worm her way deeper into the family. Carly feels they have no future now.

Carly's storms out as Michael, Nelle, and her sad little eyes show up.

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