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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Finds Laura on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Robin stops Franco and Jason from fighting. Jason explains what happened to Sam. Robin is surprised to hear that Olivia Jerome is alive and well.  

Liz tells Jason that the baby has been checked out and is fine, but that Sam is hemorrhaging and has been taken into surgery.  

Michael questions why his parents are at Nelle's apartment. Sonny explains about the drunken grief sex, and how Nelle was setting him up by recording the conversation. Carly's angry that she trusted Nelle and fell for her act.

Tracy wants to celebrate with Hayden and Finn, but doesn't understand the undercurrent of tension between them. When Finn leaves the table to make a call, Hayden tells Tracy that Finn is addicted and that he used the ELQ jet to make a drug run.  

Laura wakes up in her car in the parking garage at JFK. She is surprised when Kevin finds her. She remembers getting into her car at Metro Court, then waking up here. Kevin realizes that she was drugged and that it was likely to stop her from voting.  

Michael offers Nelle a chance to explain herself because he believes what his parents are saying. Nelle apologizes to him and thanks him for their conversation at the cabin. It was there that she decided not to go through with her plan. 

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Franco lets Jake know that his sister was born, but explains that Sam is sick. Jake blames himself for being mean to Sam last year, then blames all the bad things on the curse. Franco wonders what he's talking about, so Jake explains that Helena put a curse on Sam.  

Liz updates Jason that Sam's still in surgery and that things are critical. She tells him that Sam coded. Robin explains that means Sam's heart stopped. She reassures him to trust the doctors. Jason doesn't really want to hear it, but Robin tells him to have faith.  

When Finn returns to the table, Tracy confronts him about the drugs. Finn's upset at Hayden for spilling the beans and swears he's going to get help. Tracy informs him that he'll be quitting immediately or he'll answer to her.  

Jason sits with the baby. He talks to Robin about all Sam has done for him, like showing him love. Uh Jason honey, remember that Robin was kidnapped so she could find a cure to bring your sorry ass back to life. Robin lost 4 years with her daughter so you could now have yours. Yeah, shut it.  

Carly calls Nelle a scheming piece of trash who decided to ride the gravy train. Nelle says she's the way she is because of Carly.

Liz tells Jason that Sam is out of surgery and in the ICU. She tells him to go to her now.  

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