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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Reveals She's a Benson on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier, Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Chloe Lanier, Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Nelle claims Carly got everything she deserved. Carly says she welcomed Nelle into their home. Sonny wants to know what Nelle's goal was. Nelle says she's Frank Benson's daughter and claims Carly refused to help him with money.  

Nelle says Carly called her father to get her kidney, which Carly denies. Michael says she doesn't have proof. Nelle claims what goes around comes around. Carly slaps her. Sonny puts the blame on Frank. Nelle is certain Carly is to blame for everything. 

Carly accuses Nelle of being a snake because she used her grief to cause the family pain. Carly vows revenge. Carly's disgusted with Sonny. Nelle is sad when Michael blows her off.  

Jordan uses all her resources to look for Liv. Alexis doesn't think Julian's working with Liv.  

Liv's got Julian locked in her trunk. Griffin runs into her. Liv feels like she knows him. Griffin tells her that he's Duke's son. Liv gets angry with Julian for not telling her about Griffin.  

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Robin tells Anna about Sam's ordeal. Anna apologizes for being so hard on Robin because of her own diagnosis. The two discuss the children that Anna lost, as well as the Jeromes.

Monica updates Alexis on Sam's condition. Jason sits at Sam's bedside, begging for her to pull through. Alexis brings the baby to see Sam. Sam wakes up.  

Jordan wants information from Ava about Liv. Ava says she knows nothing about her half-sister other than she was obsessed with Duke. Ava tells her to talk to Anna.

Jordan heads to the hospital to talk to Anna and tells her that Liv might be alive.  

Robin runs into Liv in the parking garage.  

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