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Perkie's Observations: Liv Thinks Robin Can Bring Duke Back to Life on General Hospital

Tonja Walker, Kimberly McCullough

Tonja Walker, Kimberly McCullough

Liv has Robin handcuffed to some machines in the hospital basement. Robin wants to know why Liv would come back now. Liv says it's because of Duke's murder and she needs to bring him back.  

Dante checks in on Anna. She's getting ready to discharge herself. She's says she needs to find Olivia before she comes after Robin. Anna thinks she needs to use herself as bait to lure Liv out of hiding. Griffin arrives and refuses to let Anna leave.  

Franco tells Liz what Jake told him about Sam's curse. He thinks he has unresolved issues from his time on Cassadine Island. Liz feels Jake just needs to adjust and be a kid. Franco tells her that he's gotten a job as a parking attendant. The two kiss while leaning on the car. They hear a noise coming from the trunk. The two find Julian.  

Valentin complains to Nina that she didn't come home last night, which upset Charlotte. Nina says she doesn't like that he keeps secrets from her. Valentin reminds her about the custody hearing, but Nina says she's too angry to go.  

Diane runs into a woman at the bar and the two chit chat until Diane finds out the woman is Nora Buchanan, Valentin's custody lawyer.  

Liv finds the secret passageway to Helena's old lab and wants Robin's help in bringing Duke back. Robin says the equipment is badly damaged and not useful. She said it wouldn't work because they don't have Duke's body and he was cremated.  

Liv pulls a vial out of her boobs and says she has some of Duke's hair and they can use the DNA. Robin says that won't bring Duke back and that she needs to move on. Robin accidentally drops the vial on the floor, breaking it. Liv gets upset thinking she no longer has a piece of Duke. Then she remembers Griffin. 

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Anna explains to Griffin about her past with Olivia and that she's dangerous. 

Elizabeth shows up. She tells Anna that Julian has been brought into the hospital. 

Diane apologizes to Lulu and Dante for her lapse in judgement in talking Nora's ear off. She reassures them that she'll win the case. Diane is certain she can show Lante as a loving married couple and that Valentin has a questionable past.

Nora goes over the case with Valentin and asks about Nina's presence. He says she may not show up. Nora tells him that he needs Nina by his side or he'll lose custody.  

Laura goes to Nina with a proposition.

Julian wakes up with Anna at his bedside. She demands to know where Liv is.

Liv gets her hands on Griffin.  

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