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Perkie's Observations: Nora Coaches Valentin on General Hospital

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Hillary B. Smith, James Patrick Stuart

Hillary B. Smith, James Patrick Stuart

Laura knows that Nina and Valentin are not getting along. Nina says it's not her business. Laura says she knows the Cassadines and is certain that Nina doesn't truly know her husband. Laura says Valentin won't need Nina once he gets custody of Charlotte and tells her to help Lulu instead.

Jordan tells Anna to back off and let the police do their job to find Liv. Julian tells them that Liv is still in the hospital. He explains that she wanted to buy it for what's underneath. Anna wants to find Liv. Andre reminds her that she's on blood thinners and it could be dangerous, but Anna doesn't care.

Liv managed to knock Griffin out and get him into her lair. She tells him that they'll be spending the rest of their lives together. Liv says Duke hasn't gotten justice. Duke needs a vessel to return to her, which is where Griffin comes in.

Liv wants Griffin to drink something that will cleanse his soul and allow Duke to enter his body. She forces him to drink it and he passes out.

Nora questions whether Nina will be supporting Valentin, but he's not sure. He says Nina's uneasy about his past and is angry with him. Nora thinks she can spin it in their favor.

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In the courtroom, Lulu gives a statement about how she feels an intense love towards the daughter she didn't know she had. She can't imagine life without her.

Valentin tells the judge that he's been there for every milestone of Charlotte's life. He adds that she's not a possession and needs the stability that he can give her.

Alexis demands answers from Julian, but he's still too weak to give her any. Jordan checks in. Lucas tells her that Anna was heading to the basement because he told her about Helena's lab under the hospital. Valerie announces that Griffin is missing.

Anna finds Griffin unconscious. Anna and Liv fight over the scalpel and Anna is cut. When Griffin wakes up, he breaks from his ties and tells Liv that he's Duke.  

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