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Perkie's Observations: Griffin and Anna Prank Liv on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Matt Cohen, Tonja Walker

Finola Hughes, Matt Cohen, Tonja Walker

In the basement, Griffin pretends to be Duke, which is who Liv sees when she looks at him. Griffin lays it on thick. He tells her that her love for him brought him back and that if they leave now, they can be together forever.

Liv is delighted, but then realizes she has to deal with Anna. She feels Anna needs to die and pulls her gun. Anna claims she wouldn't threaten Duke's new chance, and Griffin convinces Liv to hand him her gun.

At the courthouse, Nina shows up to testify. She claims she loves her husband and they can provide a stable home for Charlotte. She feels it would be a mistake to take the child away from Valentin.

Lulu wants Diane to prove that Valentin is unfit. Diane announces to the judge that Valentin kidnapped Charlotte. Valentin testifies that he's her legal guardian. Diane asks when Valentin found out that Lulu was the birth mother and says he denied her contact. The judge asks for time to review the emergency petition.

Nelle's packing to leave town when Carly shows up for a chat. Carly warns her to stay away from the Corinthos family. Nelle shows her the rattle and says Frank kept it all these years. Carly thinks he kept it to pawn it and didn't care about her until he needed money.

Nelle says her father reached out repeatedly. She shows many letters that were sent to Carly and returned unopened. Carly tells her again that Frank only wanted money from her. Nelle mentions the kidney, but Carly says she thought it was Jake's. Nelle asks who else would have arranged it. Carly warns Nelle to leave town and leave her family alone.

Sonny pays Michael a visit to apologize, but Michael feels the apology should go to his mother. Sonny plays the victim. Michael feels his father could have warned them about Nelle and Sonny was just trying to protect himself. Sonny asks Michael not to let Nelle back into his life.

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Julian warns Jordan that Liv has a bunch of thugs on her payroll and that no one is safe. Jordan worries about Griffin and heads down to the basement.

Rudge shows up and tries to kill Julian, but Felix stops him. Jordan is called back and puts the hospital on lockdown while she heads off to find Rudge on her own.

Griffin takes the gun and turns it on Liv, which shocks her. Anna tells her that Duke is actually Griffin. Liv attacks Griffin, who drops the gun. Anna grabs something and pulls Liv off Griffin.

Nelle decides she's not finished with Port Charles yet. Carly angrily calls someone to discuss the kidney issue.

The judge declares Charlotte will meet with a psychiatrist. Diane thinks this works to her advantage. Nora worries the Cassadines have skeletons in their closet.

Jordan finds the room the others are in, but Rudge knocks her out.

Liv says they can't take her away since she's the only one who knows where Robin is.  

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