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Perkie's Observations: Ava Gets Released and Surprised on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Anna demands to know what Liv's done with Robin. Liv cryptically says their history is coming back to haunt her. Anna collapses. Griffin has the gun, but is forced to choose between getting Anna help or going after Liv. He chooses to save Anna.

Josslyn shows up at Nelle's apartment. She's ready to head to the Shawn Mendes concert they had planned. Nelle tells Josslyn that they are no longer friends.

Carly pays Michael a visit and tells him not to forgive Nelle because she'll exploit his good nature. Michael says he doesn't hate Nelle. He reminds Carly that she was exploited by her father.

Ava's been released from jail, so Kiki stops by to make peace with her. She asks about Liv. Ava says she never met her sister. She only knows her reputation for being cray cray. Kiki apologizes for doubting her mother, saying she knows Ava would never hurt Morgan. Kiki updates her mother on her new relationship with Dillon.

Brad's not happy with Finn for selling the drugs rights to the pharmaceutical company and leaving him out of the deal. Finn says he made the deal in order to save the hospital. Finn says he never promised Brad anything, which Brad disagrees with. Finn plays the Lucas card. He asks what Lucas would think if he found out that Brad was blackmailing him.

Dante updates Monica that the hospital is still on lockdown while they search for Liv. Griffin shows Dante the underground lair. He is worried about Robin.

Sam and Jason tell Monica that they're naming the baby Emily Scout, which thrills her. Monica tells them about the lockdown. She adds that the police are searching for Liv.

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Josslyn tells Carly about Nelle and wonders how she'll fix things. Carly says none of them are to have a relationship with Nelle anymore. Josslyn wants a better explanation. Carly says Nelle lied and tried to sabotage their family. Carly reacts when Josslyn says she'll ask Sonny. Josslyn figures out that Sonny slept with Nelle.

Michael runs into Nelle at the Rib. He says he understands her need for revenge, but has no intention of forgiving her. Nelle tries to appeal to him. Michael says he doesn't understand why Nelle continued to hurt Carly after Morgan died.

Finn is called to help Anna. Brad sees his hands shake as Finn is giving Anna an injection. Brad goes to Griffin and tells him that Finn is in no condition to treat anyone. Griffin confronts Finn and says he's going to tell Monica about his addiction.

Ava gets back to her apartment and finds Liv sitting on her couch drinking her martini.

Meanwhile, someone has planted a bomb in the hospital elevator, set to explode in 54 minutes.

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