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Perkie's Observations: Liv Plants a Bomb to Blow Up General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCollough, Billy Miller

Finola Hughes, Kimberly McCollough, Billy Miller

Robin's tied up in the elevator standing on a pressure plate that is part of the bomb. If she steps off the plate before the timer goes off, the bomb will detonate.

Liv pulls a gun on Ava and demands to know where Julian is. Ava says she has no idea since she was just released from jail for Liv's crime. Liv wants Ava to call Julian and tell him to come home.

Curtis finds Jordan knocked out in a room. When she comes to, he tells her that Liv escaped from the hospital. Dante updates them that all law enforcement is looking for her.

Griffin and Finn argue about his addiction. Liz breaks it up and sends Griffin to see a patient. Finn spots a tray of meds. Liz catches him with a cup in his hand. Liz accuses Finn of being an addict because she recognizes the signs. Liz says she can't let him treat patients.

Hayden walks up. Liz tells her that Finn is an addict and is stealing drugs. Hayden admits that she's known for a while. Liz tells Hayden not to be an enabler. Eventually, Finn will take her down with him and break her heart.

Jason comes across an upset Anna, who tells him that Liv did something with Robin. She wants his help finding her. When Anna sees the closed elevators, she realizes that's where Robin is.

Jason breaks open the elevator doors and finds Robin attached to the bomb. Dante calls the bomb squad. Jordan makes an announcement for everyone to evacuate the hospital. Jason decides he'll take Robin's place on the pressure plate. After arguing with Anna, Jason changes places with Robin.

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Alexis is visiting with Sam and complaining about Julian. She admits she was worried about him when he gave her the key. When the evacuation calls goes out, Sam wants to find Jason. Alexis insists she leave with the baby.

Hayden and Finn find a quiet spot to talk. She warns him that the drugs stop now or she'll have him removed from the hospital, and from her life. When they hear the evacuation announcement, they try to leave but find themselves locked in.

Liz tells Griffin he has to get out. He refuses to leave his young patient and stays behind.

Ava calls Julian to come home. When he gets to the apartment, he finds Ava tied up. Liv is nowhere to be found. Liv grabs Alexis from the hospital parking lot.

Outside, Sam asks Anna about Jason. Anna tells her that Jason is sitting on the bomb.

The bomb squad lands on the hospital roof. Jason decides to go up to them in the elevator. Curtis releases the elevator lock and takes it to the roof with Jason.  

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