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Perkie's Observations: CurSon Disarm Liv's Bomb on General Hospital

Donnell Turner, Billy Miller

Donnell Turner, Billy Miller

The elevator goes to the roof where the bomb squad shows up. Curtis says he's staying. The squad tells him that he needs to cut both wires. Curtis decides he has to cut the blue wire. He and Jason cut them at the same time. A small explosion that isn't fully explained happens, and that's the end of the bomb scare drama. Very anticlimactic actually.  

Sam is desperate to get back into the hospital and hands the baby over to Epiphany. Franco shows up and tries to hold Sam back. She tells him that Liz is inside, which worries him. Sam hears the explosion. She worries until Jason wanders out of the building, perfectly fine. 

Finn's in full withdrawal. Hayden promises to stay with him to help him get through it.  

Sonny and Carly happen to show up at Morgan's gravesite at the same time. Sonny wants insta-forgiveness. Carly's still angry about him not telling her the truth about Nelle because it allowed her to take advantage of their family. Carly says she can't forgive his lies.  

Liv calls Julian. She tells him that she has Alexis and to come to the footbridge. When Julian gets there, Liv takes his gun and tells him that he'll feel the same anguish that she did when Duke died. Liv says Julian will kill Alexis. 

Ava calls Carly, hoping for a visit with Avery. Carly stops by Ava's, angry that she's been released. Ava tells her that Olivia is responsible for the bomb, not her. Carly decides she's going to find Liv and make her pay for killing Morgan.  

Jordan is happy to see that Curtis is alright, though she chastises him for putting himself in danger. He makes her see a doctor to have her head checked.  

Franco is thrilled to find Liz inside the hospital. The two stumble across Finn and Hayden. Hayden explains that Finn is in withdrawal. Liz says Finn can't come back to work until he gets clean. She promises to keep quiet if he takes a leave of absence right away.  

Sonny stops by to see JaSam and the baby. Jason tells him about Liv and that the police are searching for her. Sonny calls someone and tells them to find Liv.

 Julian shoots at Alexis to undo her handcuffs and yells at her to run. Julian and Liv fight. She shoots him and Julian goes over the railing.