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Perkie's Observation: Sonny Talks Carly Out of Shooting Liv on General Hospital

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Tonja Walker, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Tonja Walker, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Sonny wants answers from Rudge. He doesn't know where Liv has gone, but is aware that she needed to finish one more thing before leaving town.

Liv continues to beg for mercy, but Carly doesn't feel sorry for her. Carly's distracted by a noise, so Liv takes off. Carly gets her back under her thumb rather quickly.

Jordan brings Ava to the station. She tells her story to Dante. She doesn't know where the other Jerome siblings are, but Ava worries what Liv will do to Julian. Alexis arrives. She explains that Liv shot Julian and he's now missing.

Kiki stops by to see Dillon, who's been living under a rock all day. He hasn't heard that Liv is back in the land of the living or that she bombed the hospital. The two start to make out, but are interrupted by Tracy and Monica.

Killon head upstairs to continue their make out session. Monica thanks Tracy for being strong for her during the bomb crisis (who else wishes the show would have shown us that?). Monica finds a letter for Tracy among her things. Tracy reads the letter, which is from Ned's father. He is asking for her help.

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Jordan and Dante head to the bridge where they find Rudge, who's been pistol whipped by Sonny. Alexis and Ava can't stay behind at the precinct and head over there as well. Alexis identifies Rudge, who says Sonny went looking for Liv.

There's no sign of Julian. Ava worries, but hopes that he managed to get away.

Sonny finds Carly holding the gun on Liv and tells her not to kill the woman. Carly says the law won't take care of Liv and she needs to do it. Sonny appeals to the mother in Carly. He says Liv will be taken care of, but in a way that won't be traced back to them.

Carly stands down and hands the gun to Sonny. Dante shows up and Liv pleads for mercy. He places her under arrest for Morgan's murder. Carly hopes Morgan can now rest in peace.

Julian's bloody jacket is found by the river. Ava is determined to believe that he survived. Jordan tells her that they'll continue to search, but to accept that Julian is dead.

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