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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Threatens Anna on General Hospital


Andre checks in on Anna. The two discuss Liv opening old wounds for her. They talk about Valentin retaining custody of Charlotte. Anna's still determined to go after Valentin. Andre reminds her that she has a condition she needs to manage, which does not sit well with Anna. Andre tells her that she's scared and needs to heal. He advises her to steer clear of Valentin.  

Tracy's thrilled that the hospital is on it's way to financial happiness and wonders why Hayden's so glum. Hayden explains about Finn's drug addiction and subsequent leave of absence. Tracy doesn't understand why Hayden isn't helping Finn through it. Hayden says Finn pushed her away and she can't fix this for him.  

Finn spends the episode talking to Roxie and trying to get into a rehab program. In the end, when he finds a bottle of drugs, he chooses not to take the available opening.

Carly shows up to yell at Sonny some more about keeping the Nelle secret. I'm pretty sure I've seen these scenes before, but they mostly went like this:  

Carly: You LIED to me SONNY!

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, let's get past it because I'm tired of this conversation.

Carly: But you LIED to me SONNY. She took advantage of our SON. You kept it a secret. You kept quiet. You kept it a quiet secret.  

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Sonny: But I want to get past it. We love each other. Let's kiss.  

Carly: But you LIED. And I gotta go. Same time next Monday?

Valentin offers Lulu one hour with Charlotte later in the week while they wait for the court appointed schedule. Lulu's not amused. Laura accepts the offer. When Valentin leaves, she smacks some sense into her daughter. Not literally. That might have been enjoyable.  

Laura tells Lulu to learn some self-control and find a way to have patience. She's certain Valentin will do something that will incriminate himself.   

Nelle shows up at the Metro Court. She runs into Bobbie, who tears a strip off of her. Nelle goes up to Nina's office to return a dress she borrowed. Nina's babysitting Charlotte and has just gotten a call that the nanny quit. Nelle and Charlotte interact. Nelle asks for the nanny position.  

Valentin shows up at Anna's door. He tells her that he wants peace, but wants her to stay away from his family. Valentin warns Anna to back off or else.  

Tracy goes to find Finn at the hotel, but only finds the broken vial.  

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