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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie and Carly Can't Derail Nina and Nelle on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Jackie Zeman, Michelle Stafford

Laura Wright, Jackie Zeman, Michelle Stafford

Tracy finds the spilled drug on the floor. When Finn returns, she demands to know how much he's taken. Finn says he dropped the last vial he had, but has also changed his mind about rehab. He tells Tracy that he needs to do this on his own terms.

Tracy thinks he should let professionals help him, but Finn refuses. Then she suggests he let Hayden in, but he doesn't want Hayden to see him like this. Finn gets tired of Tracy and points out that she's alone with no one in her life. Finn apologizes. Tracy admits there's some truth in what he said. She tells him not to turn out like her, and to reach out to Hayden.

Carly and Bobbie talk about Sonny. Apparently, he lied about Nelle. Carly wonders if this is payback for what she did to Bobbie's marriage. Bobbie doesn't see it that way because her marriage to Tony was already in trouble.

Nelle tells Nina that she's a teacher's assistant, she's good with kids, and would love the nanny position. Nina asks why she's no longer working for Carly. Nelle tells her that there was a difference of opinion.

Valentin claims he wants a truce with Anna. She wants the truth about why she would have ordered a kill order on him. Valentin thinks she's lying about not remembering. Anna wonders if he was a double agent for the DVX, but he reminds her that was her history.

Anna gets angry and slaps her hand on the desk, which causes it to start bleeding profusely. Valentin shows concern. Anna admits that she has cancer. Anna asks again for him to tell her the truth, but he tells her to forget they were ever in each other's lives.

Dr. Obrecht wants to know why Finn has taken a leave of absence, but Hayden doesn't want to spill the beans. Liz jumps in and claims he's writing an article for a medical journal. When Liesl leaves, Liz offers an ear for Hayden, who's not interested in talking.

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Liz hunts down Hayden and says she understands. Hayden admits that she was enabling Finn, but he refused her help and pushed her away. Liz says Finn will come back when he's ready and for Hayden to stop feeling guilty. Finn calls Hayden for help.

Michael complains to Dante about how Nelle infiltrated the family only to blow it up. Dante wonders if Nelle can be forgiven. He tells Michael to do what he feels is right for him for a change.

Carly and Bobbie are not happy to see Nelle with Nina and Charlotte. Out of Charlotte's earshot, Nina says she's interviewing Nelle for the nanny position. Carly tells Nina about Nelle's grudge and how it led to her sleeping with Sonny.

Bobbie mentions that Lulu won't be happy with Nelle as Charlotte's nanny. Nina gets her panties in a bunch that Lulu would have any say. She hires Nelle on the spot. Carly points out that Nina lost her temper and her decision may come back to bite her.

Nina says Nelle has the appropriate background to be a nanny and wants to give Nelle a second chance. Carly says Nelle will use Nina's kindness against her. She warns her to watch her back.

Nina tells Valentin that she hired a new nanny. He admits that he saw Anna and asked for a truce.

Anna summons Dr. Obrecht for help. 

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