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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gets a Visitor on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Jordan taunts Liv that she's going to a super max facility and will never get out. She also says Rudge has been singing like a canary. Jordan also wonders who was helping Liv.

Hayden finds Finn going through withdrawal at the hotel. After a much-needed shower, Finn tells her that he isn't going to rehab. He claims he'll do this on his own, but asks for her help. Hayden argues the point, but eventually gives in and agrees to help him.

Ned finds an angry Tracy at the Metro Court. She asks about his engagement and is surprised to hear that Olivia turned down his proposal. Lord Larry shows up asking Tracy what she thought of his letter. He tells a skeptical Tracy that he's not there for money, but that he needs to discuss something with her that has to do with Edward. Later, Ned tells her not to fall for his father's lies.

Franco tells Liz about his "art therapy" with Jake. He shows her the drawing with the blank space for the years he was with Helena. The two make out and end up in bed together. Liz asks Franco to move in.

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Sam and Scout are released from the hospital. Sonny stops by to see the baby and to update them on Liv's sentence hearing. After he leaves, Jason tells Sam about CarSon's marital woes. Danny shows up. No really, they released him from the Quartermaine mansion where he's been for the past six months. He's thrilled to meet his sister and the Morgan family cuddles together.

Jordan thanks Curtis for the help he gave during the bomb investigation. She brings up his desire to be on the force and offers to discuss it with him over dinner.

Sonny pays Liv a visit while she awaits her Darkham transport. He tells her that he's not bound by the legal system and that she won't be getting out alive. Sonny says when she dies, she'll know he sent the killer.

Armed guards come to get Liv and she loses it, wondering if Sonny sent them to kill her. Liv is taken away. 

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