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Perkie's Observations: The Davis Women Debate Over Julian on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth, Haley Pullos

Nancy Lee Grahn, Lexi Ainsworth, Haley Pullos

Liz and Franco notice more drawings on the paper, but when they question Jake he claims he didn't to it. Liz sees that it's a scarecrow, which reminds her of something in Helena's book. She pulls it out and thinks she should tell Jason.

Finn spends the night tied to the chair. Hayden wakes up. He claims that he's better because the detox worked. He wants her to untie him. Hayden refuses. Finn proceeds to chew the scenery so hard it's a wonder Roxie survived it.

Molly and Kristina pay their mother a visit claiming they're worried about her. Molly spots the letter that Alexis was reading. Kristina is all anti-Jeromes and doesn't believe a word Julian wrote. Molly, on the other hand, thinks he may have been telling the truth about trying to protect Alexis from Liv.

Alexis admits that she still has feelings for Julian, which Kristina can't fathom. Alexis says she saw a different side to Julian and that she's tired of not being happy. Molly and Kristina convince Alexis that she needs to go to a meeting, which she agrees to do.

Sonny and Carly run into each other. He wants them to start fresh again. Carly mentions that he lied, which is the first I've heard of that. Carly says she needs time to move past it and Sonny wants an actual timetable. I personally would have said a quarter past never, but then again, I'm not Carly.

Sonny decides he's done enough penance and isn't willing to chase after Carly anymore. Carly wonders if that means their marriage is over.

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Curtis stops by to see JaSam and coo over baby Scout. Curtis tells Jason that he wants to join the police department. Jason points out that means they won't get to play together anymore.

Sam complains to Jason about Julian's treatment of her mother. She's not sad that he's gone so that he can't disappoint and hurt Alexis anymore.

Hayden sends Curtis a text to come to the hotel. Finn gets angry and grabs Hayden's arm. She calls out just as Curtis arrives. Hayden says she can't involve anyone else in the detoxing. Curtis warns her that the detox won't be the end of the problem.

Molly and Kristina visit Sam and coo over the baby. They discuss how Alexis is taking steps to take of herself by going to a meeting.

Jason drops by Liz's. She tells him they need to talk about Jake.

Alexis comes home with a giant bottle of wine. Wait, didn't I see this story already? Like five months ago. Ooooh, can't wait 'til Monday. 

On the next General Hospital...