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Perkie's Observations: Liason Debate Jake's Sanity on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst

Liz explains to Jason that Jake needs help, but Jason refuses to believe it. Liz explains that Jake mentioned the curse and is worried about what Helena has done. Jason accuses Franco of being behind it all, saying Franco can't be trusted.

Jason's not happy to hear that Franco is moving in and spending more time with the boys. Liz says Franco has no reason to hurt her boys. Jason thinks maybe Jake's living arrangements should be redefined, which does not sit well with Liz.

Ava's worried about Lucy and what she's capable of. Scott reassures her that he'll deal with Lucy. When Lucy shows up, she questions whether Scott's doing Ava's dirty work. She thinks Ava has Scott wrapped around her little finger. Scott wants Lucy to hand over the pills. He invokes Serena's name, but Lucy won't be deterred.  

Sam calls her mother and invites her to come over to visit the baby. Alexis claims she has a meeting. Alexis opens her vodka bottle and drinks it while rereading Julian's letter.  

Laura and Sonny discuss the custody case. Laura says she's looking for vulnerability in Valentin. She mentions that Nelle is now Charlotte's nanny. Sonny says Nelle is bad news and shouldn't be trusted. He explains that Nelle used Morgan's death to hurt Carly. Laura says she'll do whatever it takes to protect her family. 

Carly stops by to see Jason, but talks to Sam instead. She tells her that her marriage is over. Carly says Sonny expects instant forgiveness and she can't give it. Sam says Sonny won't walk away from Carly because no other woman is as strong as she is.  

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Carly's not sure they can find they're way back to each other because they are equally dysfunctional. She wonders if she should end things. Sam questions whether CarSon are truly finished growing.  

Ava stops by to see Alexis and tell her that she can't accept that Julian is gone. She thinks he may still be alive and wants Alexis to help her find him. Ava finds the vodka bottle. She offers to take Alexis to a meeting to help sober her up because she mattered to Julian.  

Alexis is not interested in Ava's help and says she'll deal with his death as she sees fit. Ava calls her weak and pathetic. She says she's not worthy of being saved.  

After Jason leaves, Liz is angry that he threatened to take Jake away. Franco says Jason loves Jake and knows that something is wrong. Liz says she needs Jason on her side to fix this. She tells Franco that they need to hold off moving in together to make Jason happy.  

Jason gets home and tells Sam that there's something wrong with Jake and he doesn't know what to do about it.  

Carly stops by Sonny's as Lucy arrives with the pill bottle. 

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