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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Turns to Ava for Help on General Hospital

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Maura West, Jane Elliot

Maura West, Jane Elliot

Lucy tells CarSon that her business with them has to do with their son. Before she can tell them anything about Morgan's pills, Ava shows up on the pretext of discussing Avery. She claims Lucy is there to get more money for the Nurse's Ball. She adds that she's willing to donate more to Lucy. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  

Liesl gives Anna the information that Faison sent to her about Valentin and the kill order. Anna is shocked when she reads what was in the file. She heads over to discuss it with Andre. According to Anna, classified information was leaked to the DVX and WSB agents were killed. Valentin was blamed, but it turns out that it was double agent Anna.  

Tracy's distracted and Ned realizes that she's falling for Larry's story. Tracy says she's planning on meeting with her ex to find out what he needs to tell her.  

Valentin pays Alexis a visit. He offers his condolences for Julian's death and claims he wants their families to be closer. Alexis isn't interested. Valentin mentions that Charlotte needs family around and mentions Danny. Alexis points out that Charlotte has a brother named Rocco and to start there.  

Olivia wants Ned to adopt Leo. He says he doesn't want to since they aren't married. Olivia says she wants to spend her life with Ned, but marriages don't work out. Ned tells her to be ready when he proposes to her again.  

Tracy heads to Larry's hotel room to find out what he wants. Larry spins a tale about seeing a painting at an auction house while in Turkey. It turns out the rightful owner of the painting was Edward and now it belongs to his heirs. Larry's willing to return it to Tracy for half of its worth, but Tracy turns him down.  

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Ava tells Lucy that she'll donate to the ball in exchange for the bottle of pills and Lucy's silence. After some negotiating Lucy agrees, but she wants the money tonight. After Lucy leaves, Tracy shows up. She tells Ava that she needs her help with a painting in Turkey.  

Carly demands to know where she and Sonny stand. He says he's tired of the back and forth. Carly's tired of the secrets and lies. Sonny reminds her that he needs to keep his business secrets. Carly decides that she won't be shut out anymore.  

Sonny says she knew who he was when she married him and she can take it or leave it. Carly decides to leave it and claims she's not coming back. 

 Laura updates Lulu on Nelle. She tells Lulu to make friends with her. That way, if Nelle witnesses Valentin doing anything against Lulu, she can be an ally.  

Alexis is visited by the Ghost of Julian, or Conscience Julian, or whomever. He talks her into stopping all the drinking. Alexis pours her vodka outside.  

Anna stops by Wyndemere and tells Valentin that she thinks they were both played. She believes a third party was responsible for the leak of classified information. Valentin informs her that the information came directly from her after they slept together. 

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