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Perkie's Observations: Valentin and Anna Make a Connection on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart

Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart

Jordan's impressed with the work Curtis did in solving the Jerome case. She offers him a job on the force. Curtis turns it down. Jordan figures it's because of the way she treated him and apologizes for being awful. Curtis tells her that he enjoyed working with Jason without rules and restraints. He decides he wants to remain a PI.  

Ava wants payment for her information. Tracy declines until she finds out how difficult it will be to find the auction house in Turkey on her own. She agrees to Ava's terms. Ava quickly finds the auction house in question and Tracy pays her.

Nathan tells Dante that Maxie found a job in Portland and has moved there. Dante wonders what that means for their new marriage. Nathan claims they'll make the long distance work.  

Nina runs into Griffin. She tells him to get Anna to back off Valentin. Griffin says he doesn't control Anna. He wonders why Nina doesn't trust her husband and his many secrets.  

Valentin claims Anna used sex to get classified information from him. Anna swears she has no memory of any of this. Valentin tells her that she told him she was on special assignment. When he gave her information, she turned it in to the DVX, making him a traitor.  

Ned's proposes to Olivia again. She says he's the man she wants to spend her life with, but she doesn't understand why the document is so important to him. Ned feels marriage defines a relationship. Olivia wonders why love isn't enough. Ned says living together isn't enough. 

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Laura runs into Tracy while she's trying to get information from the Turkish auction house. Tracy's upset that she can't understand them. Laura says she can speak the language because she spent a year in Turkey with Luke. Laura makes the call and finds out that the painting was returned to the original seller in some monastery. Tracy wants to go. Laura points out that she'll need a Turkish speaking guide. Tracy invites Laura along.  

Ava gives Lucy the two checks that she got from Tracy, but Lucy wants more. Ava pulls out a sculpture that's very valuable, so Lucy agrees to hand over the drugs.  

Valentin gets emotional talking to Anna. The two share a moment that Nina witnesses. She's not happy about. After Anna leaves, Nina insists that Valentin tell her everything because she can't have another man lie and cheat on her.  

Valentin explains what happened all those years ago. Nina reassures him that it wasn't his fault and that Anna manipulated him. Valentin is surprised that Anna didn't remember any of it. Nina offers to help him look into it further.  

Anna tells Griffin about her conversation with Valentin and how she has no memory of it. Griffin wonders if Valentin was lying or if he confused her with someone else. Anna reacts to that. I wonder if the show suddenly remembered that Anna had a twin sister named Alexandra.

Ava, Lucy, her sculpture, Morgan's pills, along with Ned, Olivia, and the engagement ring are inside The Rib when it gets robbed.  

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