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Perkie's Observations: Michael Holds His Own Against Sonny on General Hospital

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Chad Duell

Chad Duell

Sonny tells Michael that he and Carly are breaking up. Michael doesn't shed a tear since he's been on this merry-go-round once or eleventy times. Michael says he feels badly for Josslyn and Avery.

Sonny claims he hates hurting the people he loves. I pull out my teeny, tiny violin. Sonny brings up Nelle and that she's staying in Port Charles. Michael says she tore their family apart and he has no interest in her.

Sonny pushes saying Nelle's working an angle. Michael shuts him down, saying he's a grown up and he can protect himself.

Laura tells Kevin about her trip to Turkey with Tracy. She explains that Tracy wants to reconnect with Edward's memory. Kevin's cool with it once she promises him some welcome home sexy time.

Liz questions Franco's motives about proposing right now. He claims he wants to be a stepfather to her boys. He wants her to choose him and show the world. Liz realizes that this is about Jason and says they need to keep their distance right now in order to get along with him.

Jason tells Valentin about Jake's time with Helena. Jason wants to know what happened on the island. He asks him about scarecrows. Valentin understands where Jason is coming from and tells him to go the island and check out the olive grove, which had a scarecrow.

Nelle and Lulu bump into each other. Lulu introduces herself so they can get to know each other. Lulu explains that Valentin kept Charlotte from her, but admits she blew her chances by scaring Charlotte early on.

Nelle asks about Michael. Lulu tells her that he's been keeping to himself because he's had a hard year.

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Alexis gets a call on her phone, but the caller hangs up. When Sam calls, Alexis thinks it's Julian. Sam insists that her mother come over for a visit. Sam asks if Alexis is drinking. She admits that she had a relapse, but went to a meeting.

Alexis says she's been seeing Ghost Julian and talks about Valentin's visit. Alexis says she has a feeling about the hung up call. Sam traces the phone number. It turns out that it's from a pay phone at the foot bridge where Julian "died".

After Alexis leaves, Sam calls the garage where the pay phone is and asks if they have surveillance cameras.

Jason finds Liz and Franco at the hospital. Liz promises Franco that he won't lose her and that she didn't say no to his proposal. After he leaves, Jason says he might have a lead about the island. Liz says she knows who can help and seeks out Kevin.

Kevin tells them that he will refer them to Andre, since he can see the situation through fresh eyes. Liz and Jason agree that Jake's needs come first.

Laura tells Lulu about her trip to Turkey. Lulu tells her about her run in with Nelle and that she asked about Michael. Lulu says she laid the groundwork for a relationship with Nelle. Laura tells her not to push too hard.

Nelle tells Valentin about meeting Lulu. He demands to know exactly what was said, but Nelle just feels Lulu wanted to be nice. Valentin warns her that Lulu is not to be trusted. He gives her new keys, which begs the question, how did she get into the house with her old keys? Oh no, it was just a plot point so she could see the key chain that Michael gave her and get all twitter-pated.

Alexis gets home and hears noises outside. That's a weird Friday cliffhanger. 

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